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Two Way Radio Accessories

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  • CA45CB AC Adapter for Cobra Handheld CB Radios

  • Cobra DC Power Cord For Handheld CB Radios (420017N001)

  • Cobra Earpiece w/ Push-To-Talk and Boom Microphone (GA-EP02)

  • Cobra Surveillance Earpiece w/ PTT and Microphone (GA-SV01)

  • CA73 Replacement 4-Pin CB Microphone

  • Cobra HG-M73 4-Pin Dynamic CB Microphone

  • Cobra HG-M75 4-Pin Power CB Microphone

  • Cobra Handheld Speaker Microphone (GA-SM08)

  • Cobra HA TA Long-Range Telescoping CB Radio Antenna

  • Cobra HG A1000 CB Radio Antenna

  • Cobra HG-M77 4-Pin Dynamic Noise-Cancelling CB Microphone

  • Cobra HG A1500 CB Radio Antenna

  • Cobra CA BTCB4 All-in-One Bluetooth® Wireless Headset

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13 Item(s)