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Repeater and Base Station Antennas

Check out our selection of antennas for base stations or repeaters below.

If you have any questions about which accessory is compatible with your radio please call, email, or use our live chat button for assistance!

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  • AFB-1545 Ritron Jobcom Replacement Flex Antenna

  • Tram Broad Band Base Antenna (144/220/440/900/1290 MHz)

  • Nagoya BA-6100E 2m/70cm Dual Band Base Antenna (UHF)

  • Tram Discone Broad Band Base Antenna (25-1300 MHz)

  • Tram 1480 Dual Band 2 Section Base Antenna (144-148/430-450 MHz)

  • RAM-1545 Ritron UHF/VHF External Magnetic Mount Antenna (BNC)

  • Tram 1481 Dual Band 3 Section Base Antenna (144-148/430-450 MHz)

  • Tram 1487 VHF Fiberglass Base Antenna w/Mounting Kit

  • Diamond Antenna X50 Dual Band Base Antenna (2m/70cm)

  • Diamond Antenna V2000A Tri Band Base Antenna (6m/2m/70cm)

Set Descending Direction


10 Item(s)