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Motorola Flashlight Promo - Back Again and Even Better!

Note: This promotion expired and is no longer available.

Who would have thought these flashlights would be so popular? Customers loved our free flashlight promotion, and when it ended last month we were swamped with emails from customers who wanted it back. Well, we've listened to your requests and made the promotion better than ever before!

Through June 30th, we will be giving away a free NU-32 Xenon flashlight to customers who purchase two or more Motorola business radios (AX, CLS, DTR, and XTN series). Purchase five or more radios and you will receive the Sarge NU-35 model, which is a more durable Xenon model that is rechargeable and includes a nylon holster!

Specifically, this promotion applies to the following models: CLS1110, CLS1410, XU1100, XV1100, XU2100, XV2100, XU2600, XV2600, AXU4100, AXU5100.

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