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Motorola DTR550 Still Going Strong

DTR550-5-l.jpgWe have heard from several customers who have been told that the Motorola DTR550 radio was discontinued. This is not true. Just to clarify, the DTR550 is still current and isn't going away anytime soon!

So, what happened? The truth is, Motorola stopped making this unit available to a large number of their dealers. As an Authorized Radio Reseller for Motorola, we still have the DTR-550 and will continue to have access to them for the foreseeable future.

So, fear not, digital two way radio fans. the death of the Motorola DTR550 has been greatly exaggerated.

Update 2019: The DTR550 is now officially discontinued and is no longer available. It was replaced with the Motorola DTR600 Digital Two Way Radio.

One thought on “Motorola DTR550 Still Going Strong”

  • Paul Cornett

    Is the DTR550 compatible with the DTR600/700 series radio ? I have one of each that I cannot get to talk to each other using the same channel & ID, any info greatly apprecitaed.


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