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Using a Headset With Motorola Talkabout Radios

This video discusses Push-To-Talk (PTT) and Vox headsets. It also demonstrates how to properly use headsets with the PTT, Vox and iVox features on Motorola Talkabout Two Way Radios.

9 thoughts on “Using a Headset With Motorola Talkabout Radios”

  • Stephen Ziegler
    Stephen Ziegler January 20, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    If you buy a headset that has a PTT button on the cord you cannot get the Vox to work on the radio. A work around is to depress the PTT button (tape) on the headset then turn on the radio. You will see the Vox icon in the screen now.

  • Dan dimmick

    love your radios BUTT ! You need to make a approx. $50-$75 set like the ones you have BUTT do NOT have the vox feature....while hunting with my partners this gets turned on by one of us unknowingly and no one can communicate..it is a pain the the Butt!...sell a model that is quality butt WITHOUT VOX option..... just a simple press to talk is all we need...make it and we will buy it...

    MARIA BROOKSHIRE June 30, 2015 at 6:28 am

    Very helpful. Explains a lot more than the manual.

  • Rick

    Hi Dawn, You can download the manual for the Motorola MS350R on the product page at no charge.

  • Dawn Ducharme

    I've purchased the Motorola ms350r,s awhile back, The instructions got thrown out, husband and I use them on pipeline n they were doing great fer us, I dunno wat happened but they r not in sync with another anymore and fer the life of us we can't figure out how to get them back in sync, also I was kinda trying to read up on them n apparently there's weather stations on them, never knew that, lol anyhow if someone get help me figure these things out lol if b so happy!!! I'd hate to have to go buy new ones jus cuz I can't get them
    Bak in sync....
    Sincerely dawn ducharme

  • Chris

    Hi, my organization has about a dozen MS350R radios and they purchased throat mic headsets. I believe they are XTM880RD units. However the never activate VOX on the radio. PTT works find but can't get VOX to work at all.
    Did we buy the wrong headset? Best I can tell they are VOX units but the radios don't seem to recognize them as such.
    Any info would be appreciated.

  • Rick

    Hi Buddy, there are a number of factors that determine range. Here are some resources that can help.
    The Two Way Radio Show TWRS-05 - Radios in Range
    Getting The Most Range From Your Radio
    30 Miles? The Truth About Range

  • buddy shover

    Great video what I need is to find out how to get the greatest range out of my two sets. Is there anything you can send me.
    Thank You
    Buddy Shover

  • Allen Rohrlach

    Thank you very much.
    The bit about reverting to PTT by pressing the PTT button while in VOX mode - is not even explained in the Motorola Talkabout Users Guide.
    I was completely baffled as to what was happening for a couple hours - until I found this.


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