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Dot and Star Frequencies

Business radios are programmed to specific frequencies assigned to licensed users. Consumer FRS/GMRS radios are pre-programmed to the exact frequencies assigned for those services. In addition to the GMRS frequencies, there are other standard frequencies for general use. These are known as dot or star frequencies.

Here is a chart of dot, star and other fixed or pre-programmed channels:

Channel Frequency Type
Red Dot 151.625 MHz VHF
Purple Dot 151.955 MHz VHF
Blue Dot 154.570 MHz MURS
Green Dot 154.600 MHz MURS
White Dot 462.575 MHz GMRS
Black Dot 462.625 MHz GMRS
Orange Dot 462.675 MHz GMRS
Brown Dot 464.500 MHz UHF
Yellow Dot 464.550 MHz UHF
J Dot 467.7625 MHz UHF
K Dot 467.8125 MHz UHF
Silver Star 467.850 MHz UHF
Gold Star 467.875 MHz UHF
Red Star 467.900 MHz UHF
Blue Star 467.925 MHz UHF

3 thoughts on “Dot and Star Frequencies”

  • Rocky

    A Baofeng radio UV-5R for UHF/VHF frequencies which the Blue Dot frequency 154.570 MHz can be programmed into. The programming cable is additional cost. The "Chirp" software is freely available online. A UV-5R and cable can be had < $35, combined.
    Be sure to get authentic Baofeng prgrm cable.

  • Dan Delany

    I'm looking for a business radio for spaniel field trials. Need Blue dot channel. What do you have?


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