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Radio 101 - Using alkaline batteries in two way radios

Most consumer and business portable handheld walkie talkies come with a rechargeable battery pack. However, there may be situations in which you may need to substitute the rechargeables with regular alkaline batteries. In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios will tell you how some two way radios can take AA or AAA alkaline batteries as well as the manufacturer's rechargeable battery pack and why such an option may be important to consider.

3 thoughts on “Radio 101 - Using alkaline batteries in two way radios”

  • Rick

    Battery spacers are sometimes used to convert a smaller size battery to a larger one. Are these actually spacers are they battery containers? What model is this Maxon radio?

  • Joe Senter

    I have a Maxon Walkie Talkie that runs on rechargeable or AA batteries. But I noticed there are what looks like two AA-sized battery spacers included in the package, with (+) and (-) poles on them, and look as if they are supposed to be inserted into the battery compartment in place of two actual batteries. Under what circumstances should these be used in place of two of the batteries?
    Joe Senter
    Middletown, OH

  • Mark G.

    1. do you offer any two way radios that have dual voltage chargers (100-240V, 50-60Hz) to use overseas so I don't have to use a power converter?
    2. Which two way radios would work well in Europe & other countries and could use Enloop or NIMH AA or AAA batteries?
    3. Would you have any that allowed #1 & 2 above in one unit?


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