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How to connect the Baofeng UV-5R amateur radio to the Tram 1185 mobile antenna

Need to take your Baofeng UV-5R Amateur Radio on the road? Danny at Buy Two Way Radios shows you how to connect it to a Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna using a Tram 5760 SMA Female to UHF Female (SO-239) Adapter so you can ham it up on the go.

3 thoughts on “How to connect the Baofeng UV-5R amateur radio to the Tram 1185 mobile antenna”

  • Rick

    Hi Ed, the Tram 5760 was discontinued. It was replaced with the Workman 40-7839 SMA Female to UHF Female (SO-239) Adapter. Give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 or enter our live chat online from 8 AM to 6 PM weekdays and someone from our sales team will be happy to provide an accurate quote with shipping to Canada.

  • Ed Kelly

    Hi, Am building a 1/4 wave antennae for my BaoFeng BF-F8HP, I will need the TRAM 5760, how much shipped to Chilliwack, B.C. Canada??

    Ed Kelly

  • Brad Tracy

    I am wondering how much more distance you will gain using the antenna with the Baofeng UV-5r.
    Thank you

  • James

    You can order a mobile antenna with the sma connector for the baofeng. The antenna unscrews from the small magnet base (the base of the antenna is only about the size of a quarter), allowing you to easily pack both in your go bag. You will need a ground plane, any piece of metal measuring 19-20 inches that will also stick to the antenna magnet. A coat hanger works well for this. The only other limitation with this setup is that the coax is only about 10' long. So you can only raise the antenna about 10' above the radio. There are antenna manufacturers that will special make you an antenna with a longer coax to meet your specifications.

  • Robert Young

    I liked the video. I wasn't aware that an attenna adapter was made for this radio.
    I was lookig at making an attenna for my radio, but I'm wanting to make it so when Im hiking I can take it out and use a tree to string it up. Then when I'm done I can take it down and roll it back up and be on my mary way.
    If anyone has any ideas on this let me know. [email protected]


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