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New Motorola CLP1060 Bluetooth Accessory Kit is now available

clp-accessory-kit.pngEarlier this year Motorola announced the introduction of a new Bluetooth earpiece for its CLP1060 business radio. This new earpiece is intended to replace the Motorola HK200 headset, a bluetooth accessory popular with cell phones that was previously bundled with the CLP1060. The new earpiece is now available and is shipping with all new CLP1060 radios.

The Motorola Bluetooth Accessory Kit is a three piece bundle that includes a new professional-style Bluetooth® earpiece, pod and charger designed and optimized specifically for use with CLP radios. The Bluetooth Pod (HKLN4512) is a very small device that enables communication between the CLP1060 radio and the earpiece via Bluetooth. The pod is battery powered for up to 8 hours of talk time and is reachargeable with the Single Unit Pod Charging Cradle (HKLN4509) and AC Power Supply included in the kit. The Motorola Bluetooth Swivel Earpiece (HKLN4513) includes an in-line microphone and connects directly to the pod. The earpiece is replaceable and allows for easier device sharing between employees working different shifts. It is also designed to help prevent employee theft.

The accessory kit is now bundled with each new CLP radio, however each component in the kit can also be purchased separately. A six unit multi-charging kit is also available. The Motorola CLP Multi-Charger Bluetooth Pod Charging Conversion Kit (HKLN4508A) can charge up to six Bluetooth pods at once and can be integrated into the HKPN4007B Multi Charger for CLP radios. All CLP Series radios and accessories are available for shipment from our warehouse at Buy Two Way Radios.

The Motorola Bluetooth Accessory Kit is a more business friendly solution, however it is not the only option. The CLP1060 is still compatible with the HK200 as well as other cell phone style Bluetooth headsets.

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