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Our Wouxun KG-UV8D demo units have arrived!

Thumbnail image for KG-UV8D_01.jpgWe just received our Wouxun KG-UV8D demo units! We can now confirm some of the specifications released in our previous announcement and finally answer some frequently asked questions about this new radio.

For starters, it does indeed have a color display. This is not a simple LCD display with a color selectable backlight. It is a real color LCD display. For example, The battery indicator is blue and the channels display their programmed status in blue or red. There is a backlight of course, and it can be configured to time out or stay on. However, the display itself is capable of producing color icons and alphanumeric characters.

Thumbnail image for KG-UV8D_04.jpgAnother feature in question is the number of memory channels. According to a discrepancy in earlier specifications, this figure was either 199 or 999. We can now confirm that the KG-UV8D does have 999 (nine hundred ninety nine) memory channels. This is a big number for a handheld transceiver.

Also, the KG-UV8D has the same SMA female antenna connector as the Wouxun KG-UV6D. It also uses the standard Kenwood accessory connector, which means if you have an KG-UV6D and want to upgrade, you can still use your Nagoya antennas and XLT SM400 speaker microphone. However it does require a different battery, which means the desktop charger and battery eliminator are different as well and will not be interchangeable.

In addition, there are three other features that were not included in the initial specifications. The new KG-UV8D has a built-in LED flashlight. That's not really news, of course, as the KG-UV6D has one too. But it also has two multi-function side keys that can be configured from the menu to perform specific tasks, similar to some business radios. The KG-UV8D also has something new, a stopwatch. Yes, that's right. The KG-UV8D has a built-in stopwatch!

We now have a Wouxun KG-UV8D unboxing video!

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