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How To Pronounce Baofeng

The Baofeng UV-5R is perhaps the most popular handheld two way radio in the modern world, especially among hams. It's compact, feature rich, versatile and, most notably, very inexpensive. Whether you are an old or new amateur radio operator, chances are you own a UV-5R or one of its many variants. Even if you don't have one, two, three or more of these economical little radios, you very likely know or at least have heard of Baofeng. It is one the most recognizable Chinese brands in the two way radio marketplace today, and its reach is global.

However, as popular as this brand is, there is one major disagreement surrounding the manufacturer that has long been a point of contention between the users of Baofeng radios. It's been the subject of discussions and debates in articles, newsgroups, forums, social media groups and other venues. The argument is so much an issue that it even became a serious topic in more than one episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast.

One would think that with such global brand recognition, it wouldn't be an issue at all. Yet it exists, and at the end of each day, untold numbers of Baofeng users are still left wondering and scratching their heads, pondering the one simple, yet confusing question about the brand:

How do you pronounce the name BAOFENG?

We wanted to answer this greatly mystifying, universal question and put the issue to rest once and for all. So, we went to IWCE in Las Vegas, met with Baofeng officials, and did what anyone else in our position would have done.

We asked.

To be absolutely sure there was no mistake, we recorded the official audible response directly from the Baofeng representatives themselves. Since the common mispronunciation and mangling of their beloved brand name was apparently even more frustrating to them than it was to the users of their products, they were ready and willing to comply - in unison.

To find out how to correctly pronounce the name Baofeng, click the player below.

How To Pronounce Baofeng

[ Download MP3 ]

Call it what you wiil, but you now have the official pronunciation of Baofeng. No matter how you say it, we still call Baofeng the manufacturer of a cool and very affordable little radio.

9 thoughts on “How To Pronounce Baofeng”

  • WimWalther

    The first consonant is soft and a bit indistinct - it's about half-way between a B and a P, with the vowels 'ao' pronounced as 'o' in cow. Second half is a distinct 'f' followed by 'u' as in 'tutor', a soft 'n' and a very soft 'g'. The whole name sounds like 'pow-FOON'

  • Bow fung

    The people that can’t understand the recording must be hard of hearing. Please see a hearing specialist. Good luck.

  • Bob Hutcherson

    This is a brand of Radio very hard to say
    I have heard it 5 different ways Bay-Oh-Feng sounds good to me

  • Could not of been more clear!!! Bow Fung.
    Bow like the bow of a boat, or sounds like now.
    fung, like fungus or sounds like lung.
    I'm half def and could hear it clearly....you guys must not get on HF eh?

  • It sounds clear to me. There was a 3-2-1 countdown and they clearly said "BOW-FUNG" with a very soft G.

  • Suchit

    Yes You Asked !!
    You did a great job , good effort, and time.
    But the audio is not clear.
    Please re-record and replace the existing one.
    Please don't let a group of people say it at once this time.
    Thank you again for your time and effort.

  • Rodney

    I've got lot's of Asian buddies. BOW (like the ship's bow) -FUNG.

  • Jim Isbell, W5JAI
    Jim Isbell, W5JAI October 17, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Ilistenedmorethan that adIamstill not sure, soI will continue to call mine Bay-Oh-Feng
    Bay-Oh, like in Baowulf, and
    Feng like FANG but pronounce the letter "A" like its name.

  • Dewey

    Listened to the recording four times could not begin to understand her.


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