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TWRS-89 - The New Wouxun KG-UV9D Multi-Band Radio

Two Way Radio Show
We tell you about an exciting new multi-band two way radio from Wouxun. We also review the new Vertex Standard VX-260 Series radios.

Intro :00
Billboard 1:15

Discussion Topic 1:34
Today we tell you about the new Wouxun KG-UV9D Multi-Band Two Way Radio. We'll give you an overview of its features and specifications and compare its overall look and feel to the popular Wouxun KG-UV8D.

Commercial Break 21:39
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Product Review 22:35
We review the new Vertex Standard VX-260 Series Portable Two Way Radios, the Vertex VX-261 and the Vertex VX-264.

Questions and Answers 38:10
Questions from readers of our Two Way Radio Blog and members of the Two Way Radio Forum.

Wrap up and Close 41:44
Send in your comments and questions for Danny, Anthony and Rick to show[at]buytwowayradios.com. Feedback on this and other topics will be read by the hosts and included in future episodes of the show. Visit us at www.twowayradioshow.com!

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One thought on “TWRS-89 - The New Wouxun KG-UV9D Multi-Band Radio”

  • Mike Morrow / W6XXX
    Mike Morrow / W6XXX April 27, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    I use cross band repeat on a handheld rarely but have used it. It is difficult to hit the repeater from where I am. I can not hit it on a duck. If I have to be away from the big antenna, I use a handheld on low power downstairs to hit the crossband upstairs on the big antenna and can then checkin to the net from the dinner table.
    Nice feature. Rarely needed on a handheld but nice when needed.


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