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Tytera MD-380 DMR Digital Radio Accessories

The Tytera MD-280 and MD-380 DMR digital radios support both analog and digital operation with many options, but what about accessories? Are existing audio accessories and other components compatible with these radios or do they require a unique set of their own?

In this video, Danny Feemster from Buy Two Way Radios displays all of the accessories included in the Tytera MD-380 Digital Ham Radio DMR Starter Kit - HT as well as a plethora of other compatible accessories available for both models.

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3 thoughts on “Tytera MD-380 DMR Digital Radio Accessories”

  • Mark Waggoner

    Thank you for your answer.

  • Rick

    Hi Mark, the short answer is because we use DMR. While both DMR and dPMR have their advantages, we chose to go with DMR radios such as the MD-380 for the easiest and least expensive migration path from analog to digital when used with repeaters. TDMA is also a commercial standard in the US and DMR is gaining popularity among ham radio operators.

  • Mark Waggoner

    Is there a reason that you decided to carry the md-380 instead of the dm-uvf10? Thanks.


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