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Kenwood Rebate and Free Multi Charger Offer for 2016

Note: This promotion expired April 29, 2016 and is no longer available.


The Kenwood Rebate and Free Multi-Charger promotion is back for 2016! Purchase six select Kenwood business two way radios of the same model from Buy Two Way Radios and get a $20-$35 rebate per radio plus a FREE multi-unit charger! No, It's not a limited either/or option. When you purchase six Kenwood PKT-23, TK-2400-V4P, TK3400-U4P, NX-240V16P or NX-340U16P radios you get both a rebate per radio and a FREE multi-charger, shipped direct from Kenwood!

If you're planning to buy radios for your company or expand an existing fleet, take advantage of this special offer and save! Purchase the radios, get cash back for each radio purchased, and get a free multi-charger for each set of 6 radios (with a maximum purchase of 60), to save your company or organization even more!

The following Kenwood models qualify for the rebate promotion:

Model Min Purchase Max Purchase Offer
Kenwood PKT-23 (UHF) 6 60 $20 rebate plus multi-charger
Kenwood TK-2400-V4P (VHF) 6 60 $25 rebate plus multi-charger
Kenwood TK-3400-U4P(UHF) 6 60 $25 rebate plus multi-charger
Kenwood NX-240V16P (VHF) 6 60 $35 rebate plus multi-charger
Kenwood NX-340U16P (UHF) 6 60 $35 rebate plus multi-charger

This offer is fulfilled by Kenwood directly, so the rebate and/or multi-unit charger(s) will be mailed to you after Kenwood receives your rebate form. Offer valid on up to 60 radios through April 29, 2016. Limit of one multi-unit charger per six radios for a maximum of ten multi-chargers on a purchase of 60 radios. Charging cups are included.Click here for full details. To redeem your rebate, visit Kenwood's rebate website and access the rebate registration by entering Program offer code PRO-26110.

NOTE: Rebates must be postmarked on or before May 13, 2016. The Kenwood rebate is NOT valid on radios delivered before February 1, 2016 or after April 29, 2016, regardless of invoice date. Offer good only in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and is void where prohibited, taxed and restricted by law. Read the Kenwood promotional flyer for full details.

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