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Wouxun KG-UV8D and KG-UV8D Plus menu options

KG-UV8D-KG-UV8d-Plus.jpgThe KG-UV8D Plus is identical to the original Wouxun KG-UV8D in almost every way. What sets these two radios apart is the addition of several new features, some of which were first introduced in the Wouxun KG-UV9D and KG-UV9D Plus, the latter to which was added cross band repeat. To accommodate these new features, the 8D Plus has six new items listed in its menu, with changes to two menu items and the addition of four. The original UV8D has a total of 51 menu items, the KG-UV8D Plus has 55 menu items.

At the time this article was published, the new KG-UV8D Plus ships with the original standard UV8D user manual. The two menu changes and four additional new menu items included with the 8D Plus are not mentioned in the manual.

Fortunately, Buy Two Way Radios is an authorized Wouxun dealer, and we have information on these additional menu items. They are listed in the chart below. Default values are bold.

New menu options added to the Wouxun KG-UV8D Plus

Menu # Name Option Values Description
CTCSS/DCS Activates CTCSS and DCS scanning
in receiving mode.
30 PONMSG Power On Message BITMAP/BATT-V Set the power-on splash screen
to either display the Wouxun logo
bitmap image or a graphic image
of the current battery charge level.
52 BK-LIGHT Backlight Level Setting Levels 01-10
Set the backlight level
of the LCD display
53 RADIO-WR FM Radio Frequency
Memory Channel
ON/OFF Store up to 20 frequency
channel presets in the built-in
commercial FM radio.
54 SCRAM Scrambler 1-8/OFF Enable/Disable the voice scrambler
when transmitting.
55 COMPANDER Compander OFF/ON Enable/Disable compander feature.

The chart below lists the menu items of the KG-UV8D and the KG-UV8D Plus in order. Press the MENU button to access the menu in the radio and use channel knob or the UP and DOWN buttons to navigate to the desired menu option. You can also enter the number of the corresponding menu item into the keypad.

Wouxun KG-UV8D and KG-UV8D Plus Menu

Menu # KG-UV8D Description KG-UV8D Plus Description
01 STEP STEP Step Frequency
02 SQL SQL Squelch Level
03 SAVE SAVE Power Save Mode
04 TXP TXP Transmit Power Selection
05 ROGER ROGER Begin/End Transmit Prompt
06 TOT TOT Timeout Timer
08 WN WN Bandwidth Selection
09 VOICE VOICE Voice Switch
10 TOA TOA Transmit Overtime Alarm
11 BEEP BEEP Beep Prompt
13 BCL BCL Busy Channel Lockout
14 SC-REV SC-REV Scan Mode
15 R-CTC R-CTC Receiving CTCSS
16 T-CTC T-CTC Transmitting CTCSS
17 R-DCS R-DCS Receiving DCS
18 T-DCS T-DCS Transmitting DCS
19 PF1 PF1 PF1 Function Program
20 PF3 PF3 PF3 Function Program
21 CH-MDF CH-MDF Working Mode Switch
22 ABR ABR Auto Backlight Time
23 OFFSET OFFSET Offset Frequency
24 SFT-D SFT-D Frequency Shift Direction
25 SECOND SECOND Stopwatch Timer
26 CHNAME CHNAME Channel Name Edit
27 MEM-CH MEM-CH Channel Memory
28 DEL-CH DEL-CH Channel Delete
29 SCNCTC Activate CTCSS Scan SCANCD Select CTCSS/DCS Scan
30 SCNDCS Activate DCS Scan PONMSG Power On Message
31 SP-MUTE SP-MUTE Mute Settings
32 ANI-SW ANI-SW Caller ID Transmission
34 DTMF-ST DTMF-ST DTMF Sidetone Settings
36 PRICH-SW PRICH-SW Priority Channel Switch
37 RPT-SET RPT-SET Repeater Settings
38 RPT-SPK RPT-SPK Repeater Speaker
39 RPT-PTT RPT-PTT Repeater PTT Switch
41 ALERT ALERT SIngle-Tone Pulse
43 PTT_ID PTT_ID Caller ID Transmission Mode
44 RING RING Ring Time
45 SCG-A SCG-A Scan Channel Group
A Area
46 SCG-B SCG-B Scan Channel Group
B Area
47 RPT-TONE RPT-TONE Repeater Receipt Tone
48 SC-QT SC-QT Saving Scan Mode
49 SMUTESET SMUTESET Sub-Frequency Mute
50 CALLCODE CALLCODE Selective Call Code
Group Setting
51 RESET RESET Reset Setting
52 - - BK-LIGHT Backlight Level Setting
53 - - RADIO-WR FM Radio Frequency
Memory Channel
54 - - SCRAM Scrambler
55 - - COMPANDER Compander

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3 thoughts on “Wouxun KG-UV8D and KG-UV8D Plus menu options”

  • Charles

    I have a GPS system (Base +Rover) that broadcasts coordinate corrections (sounds pulsed) over radio frequency on UHF. I can pick it up just fine with my handheld but cannot repeat it. Is there something I'm missing that is not allowing this to work. It would be very handy being able to have this work. Thanks

  • Ben Farda Jr

    I recently purchased an Wouxun UV 8 D I would like the status of the battery to be displayed upon turning the radio on I am unsure of how to accomplish this any help on your part is greatly appreciated Thank you 73

    • Rick

      Hi Ben, a battery icon should appear in the upper right hand corner of the display of the KG-UV8D after you turn on the radio and should remain there until you turn the radio off. The icon should display the current status of the battery, with a blue bar inside the icon to indicate the battery charge is full, three-quarters full, half, one-quarter, or empty. Is there no battery icon on your display?


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