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What to do if your computer does not read or detect the Buy Two Way Radios CD

You may encounter a situation in which the CD or DVD drive in your computer may not detect or read the software CD provided by Buy Two Way Radios. Although troubleshooting your computer is outside our scope of support, we do need to determine if the issue is caused by a defective CD/DVD disc drive or a defective disc.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and possibly resolve the issue if your CD or DVD drive does not read or detect a Buy Two Way Radios branded CD.

Step 1. Verify you have a genuine Buy Two Way Radios CD.
The CD should have the official Buy Two Way Radios blue handheld radio graphic on the left side and the text www.buytwowayradios.com printed at the bottom.

  • If using our CD, proceed to step 2.
  • If a CD was included with a primary product purchased from us but it is not our supplied CD or is a copy created by a third party, contact us to request a genuine copy our CD. (The CD may have an additional fee when purchased separately). Important note: this applies to Buy Two Way Radios branded CDs only. We do not copy and sell duplicates of CDs or DVDs created and branded by the manufacturer or third parties.

Step 2. Insert another commercial data or audio CD into the CD/DVD drive.
The term commercial refers to a professionally or commercially mass produced Compact Disc or Digital Versatile Disc containing audio or data, such as a computer program, music or video CD/DVD.

  • If the CD/DVD Drive successfully reads the other commercial CD, proceed to step 3.
  • If the CD/DVD Drive does not detect or successfully read the other commercial CD, try a third commercial CD.
  • If it reads the third commercial CD, go to step 3.
  • If it does not read the third commercial CD, The CD/DVD drive may be defective. You may need to contact a computer repair technician.

Step 3. If your CD/DVD drive can read other commercial CDs but cannot read our CD, contact us at Buy Two Way Radios.

Please note: we do not service or support computers.

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