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Midland MXT MicroMobile GMRS radio comparison

The Midland MXT Series adds an exciting new element to the world of GMRS radios. These micro mobiles offer more power, range and features than any of the consumer FRS/GMRS portable handheld radios currently on the market, expanding the flexibility and capabilities of the General Mobile Radio Service. Midland MXT MicroMobile GMRS radios are available from Buy Two Way Radios.

The chart below lists all the models in the MXT Series for a full feature comparison. These models include the MXT105, MXT115 and MXT400. Although now discontinued, the original MXT100 is included as a reference to the upgrades and improvements added to the current models in the MXT line.

Midland MXT Series Comparison Chart

Midland MXT Series Comparison
Transmit Power5W5W15W40W
GMRS Channels15151515
Repeater Channels
Weather Channels
Weather Scan
Weather Alert
Privacy Codes38 CTCSS/
104 DCS
104 DCS
104 DCS
104 DCS
Backlit LCD Display
Manual Squelch
Channel Scan
Monitor Mode
Keystroke Tone
Voice Compander
Keypad Lock
5 Call Tones
Digital Volume
Silent Operation
Timeout Timer (TOT)
Auto Power Off
Call Alert
Signal Strength Meter
Talk Around
Selectable Power LevelsHi/LoHi/LoHi/LoHi/Med/Lo
Backlit LCD Display
Display Colors1181
Adjustable Backlight
Keystroke Tone Signal
Flip Display
Flip-Frame Detachable Mount
Hand Microphone
3.5mm Audio Connector
USB Charger Port
Reset Function
12V Adapter Cord
12V Hardwire Cord
Includes Antenna
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Weight (ounces/grams)6.08/172.366.08/172.36--
Price (MSRP)$149.99$99.99$149.99$249.99

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4 thoughts on “Midland MXT MicroMobile GMRS radio comparison”

  • Jack Callahan

    Please explain how the mtx400 can be programmed to communicate with the various GMRS repeaters that have different codes for transmit/receive frequency’s

    • rick

      Jack, the frequencies on repeater channels RP15-RP22 are preset, as they are pre-assigned frequencies for all repeaters operating on the GMRS. If you are referring to CTCSS/DCS codes used by individual repeater systems, these can be easily set by assigning the specific code to each repeater channel on the MXT400. Simply go to the channel and assign the code according to the instructions in the MXT400 user manual. GMRS repeaters generally use the same CTCSS code for both RX and TX frequencies, so you should be able to assign just one code to the channel. The user manual includes a table of the CTCSS codes along with the corresponding code frequency in Hz for each. For instance, Code 12 is 100.0 Hz, so if the repeater is Output 462.675 MHz, Input 467.675, MHz 100.0 Hz, set code 12 into channel RP 20 to access the repeater.

  • Rick

    Hi Randall, the Midland MXT400 is the 40 watt model and is a mobile radio. It operates on 12V DC and is designed for use in a vehicle or as a base station. There is no battery or other accessory available to convert it to a portable handheld radio. A list of mobile accessories for the MXT400 is available at Buy Two Way Radios.

  • Randall Cox

    Please recommend all accessories for "portable" use. Battery and such for the midland 40 watt gmrs model. Thanks


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