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TYT Radio FCC ID and Type Acceptance Chart

TYT MD-380 DMR Digital Two Way RadioAs a result of the recent FCC enforcement advisory on import radios and the subsequent discussions on the topic in episodes TWRS-128 and TWRS-129 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast, we checked the FCC IDs on all affected products in our warehouse to ensure full compliance. As a result, we posted our Wouxun Radio FCC ID and Type Acceptance Reference Chart to assure our Wouxun customers the products we sell meet FCC requirements. Since we are also an authorized US dealer for TYT, we decided to create one for TYT radios as well.

The following chart lists the TYT radios on our web site with FCC IDs and FCC type acceptance.

TYT Radio FCC ID and Type Acceptance Chart
ModelRadio TypeFCC IDFCC StandardApproved Frequency Range
MD-380 (UHF)CommercialPODMD-380Part 90400-480MHz RX/TX
MD-380 (VHF)CommercialPODMD-380​VPart 90136-174MHz RX/TX
MD-390 (UHF)CommercialPODMD-38Part 90400-480MHz RX/TX
MD-390 (VHF)CommercialPODMD-380​VPart 90136-174MHz RX/TX
MD-UV380CommercialPOD-MDUV380Part 90/22136-174/406.1-480MHz RX/TX
MD-2017CommercialPOD-DMR2Part 90/22136-174/406.1-480MHz RX/TX
MD-9600CommercialPOD-DMR3Part 90136-174/400-480MHz RX/TX
TH-7800Amateur136-174/400-480MHz TX/RX
TH-9800AmateurPODTH-9800Part 15B28-29.7/50-54/144-148/420-450MHz RX/TX

Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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