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Leixen VV-898P and VV-898SP Backpack Radio video

When the Leixen VV-898 first showed up on the market, many hams suggested turning it in a go-box. Apparently Leixen liked this idea, because that's exactly what they did. The result? Leixen created the VV-898P and VV-898SP Mobile Backpack Radios. This unique product line consists of either a 10 watt VV-898 or 25 watt VV-898S unit mounted in an enclosure with everything needed to function as a portable radio capable of instant-on operation virtually anytime, anywhere.

In this video, Rick introduces these mobile backpack radios and tells you what they are designed to do. Buy Two Way Radios is an authorized Leixen dealer.

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2 thoughts on “Leixen VV-898P and VV-898SP Backpack Radio video”

  • Brad

    will this work with chirp for programming?
    how do the hys or leixen backpack radio compare?
    i see more buttons on the hys mic , the mic needs a up/down button and a scan button to make me happy.

    • Rick

      Hi Brad, the VV-898P/SP is essentially a VV-898/VV-898S in a back pack. Chirp supports the VV-898 and VV-898S, so it should support the back pack radios as well.
      We do not carry HYS radios, and are not familiar with that brand, so I am unable to make a fair comparison between the two. Based on a quick search of this brand, it appears to be very similar to the VV-898, at least visually. It could either be a clone or possibly a rebranded version of the same radio.

      Keep in mind that when you purchase something like this from Amazon, there is a measure of risk. We are an authorized Leixen dealer and back the products we sell.


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