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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  • Midland introduces new T290 and T295 GMRS radios

    Midland T290VP4 GMRS Two Way RadiosWhen the FCC re-wrote the rules for Part 95 in 2017, there was some expectation that the market would become inundated with higher powered FRS radios aimed specifically at small, on-site business users as well as consumers. As expected, radio manufactures have indeed added more FRS radios to their product lines, and the license free Family Radio Service, now allowing more powerful radios, continues to be popular among business and personal users alike. Up until now, the GMRS has largely been ignored. That may be starting to change. With the introduction of the new T290 and T295, Midland seems to be shifting focus back to the GMRS.

    The T290VP4 and T295VP4 are two new additions to the Midland X-Talker line. The family resemblance is quite apparent. In fact, they are reminiscent of several other radios in the T70 series, although not as contoured, as an LXT633. They have the same general features and operate on the same frequencies as their T70 cousins. The difference, then? it's all about power. The T71, T75 and T77VP5 are all FRS radios, operating at well below 2 watts. The T290 and T295 are GMRS models, capable of transmitting at nearly 3 watts.

    Midland T290VP4 GMRS Two Way RadioT290VP4
    The Midland T290 is most like the T77 in features and function. It has the 22 GMRS channels plus 14 extra channels pre-programmed with privacy codes, which at first glances seems somewhat gimmicky in terms of "more channels", but can actually be convenient for those who want to filter out unwanted chatter from others but don't want to take the time or effort to set manually a CTCSS or DCS code to a channel themselves. As for the choice of codes, the T290 has 121 available, which can be very helpful if you are in an area where the airwaves are clogged.

    In addition to the GMRS channels, the T290 also has 10 NOAA weather channels with weather alert. It includes a weather scan feature to maximize its benefits as an emergency weather radio. It features 9 level e-Vox, silent operation, channel scan, and 5 call tones. It also has adjustable high, medium and low power settings.

    The T290 is cosmetically pleasing, with an attractive black and silver two tone color scheme. It's fully compatible with other FRS/GMRS radios, but as a higher power radio, it does require a GMRS license to operate. The X-Talker T290VP4 Value Pack comes with two radios, a dual pocket desktop charger, AC adapter, two C-ring style earpieces with in-line PTT, two belt clips, and two 700mAh battery packs. Price- $89.99.

    Midland T295VP4 GMRS Two Way RadioT295VP4
    The Midland T295 is the same radio as the T290, with two important differences. The first one obviously cosmetic. It's camo, using the same Mossy Oak® camouflage design used by the T75VP3 known as Break-Up Country. If you're a fan of camo, this may be quite appealing. If not, stick with the T290.

    The other difference with the T295 is audible. The T290 has 5 call tones. The T295 replaces those with 5 animal calls. These include Cougar, Duck, Crow, Wolf, and Turkey. Like the GXT1050, T65VP3 and T75, This is clearly a radio designed with hunting and other outdoor activities in mind.

    As with the T290, the T295 requires a GMRS license to operate. The X-Talker T295VP4 Value Pack includes two radios, a dual pocket desktop charger, AC adapter, two C-ring style earpieces with in-line PTT, two belt clips, and two 700mAh battery packs. Price- $99.99.

    While part of the X-Talker line, the T290 and T290 lack a couple of features that are standard with the other T-Series radios. Most notable is the USB port. Simply put, there isn't one. Most, if not all of the other models in the series allow drop-in and USB plug-in charging. The T290 and T295 allow plug-in charging, but through a dual purpose two-pin audio/charge port only. Also, Many other X-Talker radios provide for multiple power options for greater versatility, most notably the option to switch from rechargeable batteries to alkalines, and vice-versa. The T290 and T295 do not offer this option. They operate on NiMH rechargeable battery packs only. It's not necessarily a deal breaker, but something to consider when shopping around.

    Some GMRS operators may note the lack of certain features expected of a dedicated GMRS radio. The first is a detachable antenna. It isn't an option with these radios. The second is a higher capacity lithium-ion battery, a preferred choice for some GMRS users who transmit on higher duty cycles. Also, these radios are not repeater capable.

    General Mobile Radio Service operators who need a radio with a heavier duty cycle or repeater capability for use on the GMRS may want to opt for something like an MXT115, MXT275 or MXT400 MicroMobile radio. However, if you just need a consumer grade GMRS radio for recreational use or on the go, the T290 and T295 are pretty good buys that may fit the bill.

  • The Midland BizTalk BR200 business radio video

    Midland is well known for its popular consumer FRS, GMRS, CB and emergency weather radios. The company recently expanded into the business communications market as well, with the introduction of its first portable handheld onsite business two way radio, the Midland BizTalk BR200.

    In this video, Danny introduces the BR200 with an overview of its features and functionality. It's available in both a single Midland BR200 package and a six pack/multi charger combo from Buy Two Way Radios.

    Want more videos? Browse our video blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

  • The new Wouxun KG-UV7D and KG-UV9P high powered portables are here!

    Wouxun KG-UV7D and KG-UV9PWouxun has a reputation for feature rich, well constructed handheld transceivers at great prices. Models such as the KG-UV8D and KG-UV9D Plus have long been favorites of many hams, particularly for their powerful features, cross-band repeat capability and, of course, the now legendary Wouxun color LCD display. Recently Wouxun announced it is taking two of its popular, classic models, refreshing them into new models and adding more power. These two new radios, Wouxun KG-UV7D and KG-UV9P, are high powered portables, with up to 5 watts on UHF and 7 watts on the VHF band. Now, the new Wouxun KG-UV7D and KG-UV9P high powered portables are here!

    Wouxun aimed each model at a specific user, although both can be used by amateur radio operators. According to Wouxun, both radios have the same FCC IDs as their predecessors and use the same programming software. The KG-UV6D accessories are also compatible with the KG-UV7D, and KG-UV9D Plus accessories will also work with the new KG-UV9P.

    Wouxun KG-UV7DKG-UV7D
    The Wouxun KG-UV7D is the successor to the KG-UV6D, a business grade workhorse of a radio that was Part 90 type accepted for business use. The 7D not only replaces the 6D, it is the same radio, with one exception. It now has 5 watts of power on UHF and 7 watts of power on VHF.

    This extra power only enhances the already powerful features carried over from the 6D, such as the 199 programmable memory channels with CTCSS and DSC Scan, priority channel scanning, and 1750 Hz burst tone. the selectable power feature allows the 7D more latitude as well, giving you the option to transmit at high, medium or low power instead of simply in high or low power mode.

    Other standard features include VOX support, SOS function, multi-scan mode, busy channel lockout, auto and manual keypad lock, customizable power on display message, English voice guide, FM radio, and a built-in flashlight. It's also quite rugged, as it is IP55 dust and waterproof. After all, it's primarily built for business use. Price- $109.99.

    Wouxun KG-UV9PKG-UV9P
    The KG-UV9P is the model that is more likely to appeal to hams. It is an amateur radio, and replaces the KG-UV9D Plus. In fact, it is a 9D Plus, with the addition of the same 5 watt UHF and 7 watt VHF power boost given to the KG-UV7D.

    Like the 9D Plus, the KG-UV9P has UHF/VHF dual band tranmit, 7 band reception, 999 programmable memory channels, QT/DQT encoding and decoding, DTMF encode/decode and 25KHz/12.5KHz wide/narrow bandwidth selection. It features simultaneous dual band reception and can transmit on one band at the same time it receives on the other!

    It also has the now legendary Wouxun color LCD display with five brightness levels and plenty of screen space to display two bands simultaneously. The display alone is a premium feature of this radio, and greatly enhances the overall operating experience.

    One of the biggest features of the 9D Plus was the cross-band repeater. The KG-UV9P includes it as well! Other features include multiple scan functionality, priority scan, CTCSS/DCS scan and the ability to scan two bands simultaneously.

    Of course, as we all know, hams like to talk. So, operating an amateur radio at higher transmit power for an extended period may require an power source that can adequately handle it, and without losing uptime. No worries. The KG-UV9P includes something really special, a high capacity 3200mAh battery pack! This super sized battery comes standard with the 9P package, which adds even more value to an already feature packed portable! Price- $139.99.

    The KG-UV7D and KG-UV9D may be made of the same stuff as their predecessors, but they do add something new to the mix - more power. Both models are now available to ship from our warehouse at Buy Two Way Radios.

  • The difference between the Motorola DTR600 and DTR700 | video

    What's the difference between the Motorola DTR600 and DTR700 digital radios? Is one better than the other, or are they both exactly the same?

    In this video, Danny explains the one basic difference between these two models in the DTR series and when you may need or want to choose one over the other. The DTR600 and DTR700 are now available from Buy Two Way Radios.

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  • How to unlock TYT DMR radios

    Locked TYT MD-2017With the recent uncertainty surrounding the FCC and import radios, TYT has made a decision to ship all of their radios locked down to the 150-160 MHz VHF and 450-460 MHz UHF ranges.

    They actually made these changes a few months ago, and at first "unlocking" the radios to allow use outside of these limited ranges required special unlock software. With the most recent firmware release, however, TYT has made the unlock process much more simple. All of their models can now be unlocked by holding down a key combination while powering on the radios. In this article, we'll show how to unlock the TYT MD-9600 mobile radio, and the MD-380, MD-390, MD-UV380 and MD-2017 handheld radios.

    Is your radio locked?

    Radios that are locked will display frequencies outside of the 150-160 MHz and 450-460 MHz range as 150.000 or 450.000 when the radio is in frequency mode. For example, if the channel on a locked radio is programmed for 147.300, the display will show 150.000. Once unlocked, the radio will show the correct frequency. A locked radio that has been programmed to frequencies outside of the locked range does not need to be reprogrammed. After being unlocked, the radio will work properly.

    A radio will always remember that it has been unlocked, even if the battery or power supply is removed.

    Unlocking the TYT MD-9600

    The TYT MD-9600 must be running firmware version 6.09 or higher to unlock using these steps. Prior versions will need special unlock software.

    • Power the radio on.
    • Remove all power to the radio. Note, you must remove vehicle or power supply power - you can't just turn off the radio with the power button.
    • Hold down the P1 and P2 buttons on the front of the radio.
    • Power up the radio while holding these buttons until the power on tone sounds.
    • No notification/confirmation is provided, but the radio is now unlocked.

    Unlocking the TYT MD-2017

    Unlocking the TYT MD-2017

    The TYT MD-2017 must be running firmware version 4.06 or higher to unlock using these steps. Prior versions will need special unlock software.

    • Turn the radio OFF.
    • On the side of the radio, hold down the top (blue) button and the UP arrow key.
    • Turn the radio ON while holding down these buttons.
    • No notification/confirmation is provided, but the radio is now unlocked.

    Unlocking the TYT MD-2017

    Unlocking the TYT MD-380, MD-390, and MD-UV380

    The TYT MD-380 or MD-390 must be running firmware version 14.07 or higher to unlock using these steps. The MD-UV380 requires version 18.03 or higher. Prior versions will need special unlock software.

    • Turn the radio OFF.
    • Hold down side buttons 1 and 2.
    • Turn the radio ON while holding down these buttons.
    • No notification/confirmation is provided, but the radio is now unlocked.

    Unlocking the TYT MD-2017

    Why did TYT do this?

    Great question, and one that we can't get a clear answer to. Based on our understanding of the FCC rules, TYT should be able to ship the radios as long as their supported range is within what is allowed on the grant from the FCC. For the MD-2017, for example, the grant shows 136-174 MHz and 406.1-480 MHz. I can only assume that this has been done out of an overabundance of caution. It would be understandable if they were unsure about how the FCC will be enforcing the rules, and don't want to take any risks at all. In the meantime, unfortunately, customers are confused and left with products that look to be defective, although they are actually operating as designed.

  • TWRS-134 - Why Businesses Prefer Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410 Radios

    Two Way Radio Show
    We tell you which Motorola radios are popular with retailers and why. We’ll also take comments and questions from our blog, YouTube channel and forums.

    Intro :00
    Billboard 1:11

    Discussion Topic 1:28
    We explain why the Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410 on-site radios are so popular with many businesses. We’ll discuss why radios are used for communication in dental offices, restaurants, retail stores and other onsite business operations and why many of them prefer the CLS series of Motorola radios in particular.

    Questions and Answers 21:14
    Comments and questions from readers of our Two Way Radio Blog, viewers of our YouTube Channel and members of the Two Way Radio Forum.

    Wrap up and Close 31:13
    Send in your comments and questions for Danny, Anthony and Rick to show[at]buytwowayradios.com. Feedback on this and other topics will be read by the hosts and included in future episodes of the show. Visit us at www.twowayradioshow.com!

    © 2019 Cricket Ventures, LLC. All rights reserved.

  • Motorola Buy and Multiply Rewards Offer!

    Motorola Buy and Multiply Rewards Offer!Ready for an early spring? How about an early spring sale? The spring savings are here, with the Motorola Buy and Multiply Rewards offer! For every 6 Motorola business two way radios that you buy, you can choose one of three rewards: a free radio, a Prepaid Visa® card, or a free Multi-Unit Charger!

    But that's not all. Buy 48 radios or more and double the rewards! This is an excellent deal from Motorola and is valid on the total purchase of up to 60 radios!

    This offer is fulfilled by Motorola directly, so the free radio, prepaid card or multi-unit charger will be sent to you after Motorola receives your online redemption claim.
    Offer valid on up to 60 radios purchased through June 30, 2019. Limit of one free radio or prepaid card or multi-unit charger per six radios purchased, up to 48. Limit of 2X Reward Bonus on 48, 54 or 60 radios. All groups of six radios purchased must be within the same product series. Offer valid from March 1 to June 30, 2019. Purchaser must redeem the free radio, prepaid card or multi-unit charger online at www.MotorolaSolutionsRadioRewards.com. Other rules and restrictions apply. Read the promotional flyer for details.

    The amount on the Prepaid Visa® card depends on specific model series of radios purchased.

    • Buy 6 CLP or CLS series radios and you can get a $95 prepaid card.
    • Buy 6 DLR, RD or RM series radios and you can get a $150 prepaid card.

    If you buy 48 or more radios, you get double the rewards, so the savings add up fast!

    The number of FREE and BONUS rewards you receive depends on the number of radios purchased and is as follows:

    Motorola Buy and Multiply Offer

    Motorola Buy and Multiply Rewards
    Buy Rewards Bonus Total Rewards
    6 1 1
    12 2 2
    18 3 3
    24 4 4
    30 5 5
    36 6 6
    42 7 7
    48 8 x 2 =16 Total
    54 9 x 2 =18 Total
    60 10 x 2 =20 Total

    NOTE: Redemption requests must be entered by 11:59 PM EST on July 15, 2019. Redemption submissions received after that date will NOT be eligible. Offer good only in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and is void where prohibited, taxed and restricted by law.

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