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Wouxun KG-805G and KG-805M programming and menu options

Wouxun KG-805 Series Two Way RadioThe Wouxun KG-805 Series consists of high end, professional grade radios at a consumer level price. The KG-805G is the 5 watt GMRS version and the KG-805M is the 2 watt MURS model. Although they operate on different bands, frequencies and services, both radios share the same core features and functions. Both are also user programmable. Here is an overview of the Wouxun KG-805G and KG-805M programming and menu options.

The KG-805 radios share many of the same features as the popular and venerable KG-UVD1P, as well as many of the same physical characteristics. This is because the KG-805 series is directly based on that model.

KG-805 Key Features

  • 22 GMRS Channels (GMRS Version)
  • 8 GMRS Repeater Channels (GMRS Version)
  • 5 MURS Channels (MURS Version)
  • 5W Maximum Transmit Power (GMRS Version)
  • 2W Maximum Transmit Power (MURS Version)
  • 128 Memory Channels
  • 155 CTCSS Tones/DCS Codes
  • Selectable 3 Color Backlit LCD Display
  • Multi-Display Modes
  • Backlit Front Panel Keys
  • 3 Scan Options
  • English Voice Prompts
  • VOX
  • Timeout Timer
  • Alarm Function
  • Priority Scan Function
  • FM Radio w/ Frequency Display
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Low Voltage Prompt
  • Key Lock
  • Power Save
  • PC Programmable
  • Reset
  • Roger Beep Enable/Disable
  • IP55 Waterproof

Programming the KG-805
Programming The Wouxun KG-805G and KG-805M is essentially the same. You can do it direct from the front panel keys of the radio or through a PC using the Wouxun KG-805 programming software.

Direct from the radio
Customizing the KG-805 directly from the radio itself is much like configuring most consumer grade FRS and GMRS walkie talkies, and is pretty straightforward. Press the MENU key on the radio, go through the various menu options, and choose the items you want to enable, change, disable or set. The only real difference is the feature set itself. There are the standard options you'll find on most other radios, and then there are a few fancier features that are unique to the 805 series.

The KG-805 menu consists of 23 menu options. Default settings are bold.

Menu # Menu Item Description Option
01 SQL-LE Squelch level settings 0 (off)-9 (full)|5
02 SAVE Power Save settings ON|OFF
03 ROGER Transmission prompt settings BOT|EOT|BOTH|OFF
04 TOT Timeout Timer 15-6000|60
05 VOX VOX function 1-10OFF
06 TOA Transmission overtime alarm 1-10 seconds|OFF|5
07 VOICE voice prompt settings CHINESE|ENGLISH|OFF
08 BEEP beep prompt settings ON|OFF
09 PONMSG Power On Message OFF|BATT-V|MSG
10* BCL Busy Channel Lockout ON|OFF
11 AUTOLOCK Keypad auto lock ON|OFF
12 R-CTC Receiving CTCSS 1-50|OFF
13 T-CTC Transmitting CTCSS 1-50|OFF
14 R-DCS Receiving DCS 1-105|OFF
15 T-DCS Transmitting DCS 1-105|OFF
16 SC-REV Scan Mode SE|TO|CO
17 PF1 Side key setting RADIO|SCAN|LAMP
18 PF2 Alarm button setting ALARM|OFF
19 CH-MDF Display Setting Mode NAME|CH|FREQ
20 WT-LED Standby backlight color PURPLE|OFF|BLUE|ORANGE
23 CH-NAME Editing channel name Name***

*Note: The menu item in red is available in the menu for display only. It can be modified through optional programming software.

Wouxun KG-805 Series Radio Controls

Programming with software
The KG-805 uses the same standard USB programming cable used by many other popular Wouxun radios equipped with a Kenwood style (K1) connector port. In fact, if you already have a programming cable for an analog transciever such as a Baofeng UV-5R, TYT TH-UV88 or other Wouxun radio, chances are you're all set. If you don't, you will need the PCO-001 or XLT Painless Programming Cable. The XLT cable is highly recommended for ease of installation and peace of mind.

Unlike the programming cable, the Wouxun KG-805 programming software is specific to the KG-805 radio series and is currently available for Windows PCs only. In addition to the software, code plugs are available for each model. These are the KG-805G software defaults code plug and KG-805M software defaults code plug, respectively. The software and code plugs are available as free downloads from Buy Two Way Radios.

KG-805 Operation
Working the KG-805G and KG-805M is exactly same, as both are essentially the same radio, only using different radio services.

The audio accessory/programming cable jack is located on the right side of the radio on both models. The location of everything else is also the same, including the LCD display with a selectable three color backlight, channel knob, on/off volume knob and alarm button. The PTT (Push-To-Talk), PF1 and Monitor buttons are on the left side of the radio housing. Overall, all of the controls are where you would expect them to be.

The controls and their primary functions are listed in the chart below:

Control Operation
Alarm/PF2 Activates alarm
Channel Knob Changes channels and menu items
On/Off Volume Knob Turns radio on and off - sets volume level
PTT Push-To-Talk Transmit button
PF1 Button Programmable button
Monitor Button Opens squelch to monitor weak signals
A/B Channel Scan - Hold 2 seconds
MENU Enter program menu|choose/set menu option
UP ARROW Select previous channel|Select menu option
DOWN ARROW Select next channel|Select menu option
EXIT Exit program menu/cancel

As a portable handheld radio alone, the Wouxun KG-805G Series is a great value. As a GMRS or MURS radio, it can provide more power and versatility to the user experience at a more reasonable price.

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