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How many radio channels do you need?

Motorola DTR600 ChannelsThere are many different types of business two way radios out there that offer many variations of channel options. Becoming familiar with how two-way radio channels work can help you decide which radio might be best for you. It could also prevent you from paying too much for a radio that may be overkill for your particular situation.

A radio channel is best described as a separate, individual line of one or two way communication on a radio band. Think of it as an assigned and numbered channel on a television set and you have the idea.

Most business radios will have anywhere from 1 to 32 different channels. Depending on the radio, these channels can be easily changed using either a knob on the top of the radio or by using the menu option on the LCD screen.

For businesses that prefer all of their radio users to be able to hear and reply to every conversation, one single channel will work just fine. For businesses that want to separate the communications between departments or want supervisor communications separate from those with and between employees, a radio with multiple channels will be the way to go.

Another benefit of having multiple channels is that you have options in the event of radio interference. Even if you only use or need one channel, having multiple channels to choose from will allow you to easily switch to a different frequency if the current channel you are on is already in use. For instance, if a neighboring business interferes with the channel you were using, simply change the channel.

Of course, a radio with more channels often costs more money, but not always. There are some models with a large number of pre-programmed or user programmable channels that are priced competitively with radios that have fewer channels. The advice here is to shop around and check all the different brands and models.

Deciding how many channels are ideal for your company can be a big money-saver, as well as a beneficial tool during day-to-day use. If you have any questions as to how many channels you may need, feel free to contact our sales department at 1-800-584-1445, and we will be happy to guide you based on your specific needs.

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