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New GMRS antennas from Nagoya are now available!

Nagoya NA-701G GMRS AntennaSince the FCC Part 95 reform of 2017, we've seen quite a surge in demand for GMRS radios, of both portable handheld walkie talkies and mobile/base station units. This isn't surprising to us at all. It was inevitable, and for several reasons. In response to this demand, high quality, commercial grade GMRS radios such as the Wouxun KG-805G are entering the market, and are quickly becoming quite popular. This new generation of transcievers also brings a demand for professional grade radio accessories such as high capacity batteries, earpieces, speaker mics, and antennas.

However, while audio accessories are plentiful and power options are not much of a problem, it's the availability of detachable antennas that is at issue. More specially, antennas made and tuned for the GMRS.

Before the Great Reform, the antennas on FRS/GMRS radios were not swappable. While the FCC did allow GMRS radios to have detachable aerials, it wasn't legal on FRS walkie talkies, so the combo units simply didn't have them. With few exceptions, serious GMRS operators had to settle for using antennas tuned to a wider range of UHF business frequencies in the 420-480Mhz range. While these antennas also worked on the GMRS, they weren't specifically tuned for it, limiting the overall performance of the radio to which it was connected.

Not anymore.

Buy Two Way Radios and Nagoya have teamed up to introduce a new series of antennas designed and built specifically for GMRS two way radios. These new GMRS antennas from Nagoya are now available for purchase, and exclusively at Buy Two Way Radios!

There are currently three antennas in this series, two for the portable handeld walkie talkies, and one for mobiles. All three are made for the GMRS.

Nagoya NA-701G
Based on one of Nagoya's most popular antenna series for dual band portable radios, the NA-701G takes the venerable NA-701 directly to the General Mobile Radio Service, supporting 462MHz GMRS channels, plus 467MHz for fine tuning to GMRS repeaters.

Nagoya NA-771G
The NA-771G is based on another very popular, high performance antenna for handheld dual band amateur radios, the NA-771. It's also, at the time this article is written, probably the longest, at over 15 inches in length! This is a 1/2λ wave antenna with a maximum power rating of 10 Watts and is tuned to 462 MHz and 467 MHz GMRS frequencies.

Nagoya NL-770G
The NL-770G is a high gain linear mobile antenna tuned to 462MHz and 467MHz frequencies for GMRS. It has a PL-259 (UHF male) connector that fits any number of vehicle mounting kits that is equipped with an SO-239 (UHF female) connector or feed line, including the Nagoya RB-MJPL Mobile Mag Mount Base. At approximately 38 inches (97 cm) in length, the LN-770G has 6 dBi gain and V.S.W.R. 1.5:1.

All three antennas are now available exclusively from Buy Two Way Radios.

We have a long relationship with Nagoya and only buy direct from this manufacturer. When you purchase a Nagoya antenna from us, be assured that you are getting an authentic, genuine Nagoya product from an authorized Nagoya dealer - Buy Two Way Radios! Questions? Concerns? Contact us!

Here is the Official List of Nagoya Authorized Dealers and Distributors Worldwide.

3 thoughts on “New GMRS antennas from Nagoya are now available!”

  • Yeoman

    Thank you.

  • Bombero

    The ARRL antenna hand book is a great tool for learning about antennas and what "gain" is, how it works and how you can use it to your benefit. You can also build your own GMRS using the math and designs in this book.

    www.arrl.org and search the store.

  • Yeoman

    As a person new to GMRS, I'm constantly confused by all the data that most radio people no doubt know second hand. Stuff such as "gain".

    Is there a good book that a beginner like me can pick up to educate themselves on these topics?


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