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Additional Simplex Business Frequency License

Quick Overview

FCC license for one additional single simplex frequency on a new license application. Frequencies are UHF or VHF. Requires simultaneous purchase of a Single or Repeater/Base Station frequency license.

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FCC license for one additional single simplex frequency.
  • One additional simplex frequency on a new license application
  • UHF or VHF
  • Requires simultaneous purchase of a Single or Repeater/Base Station frequency license

Business Radio Licensing
If you are using a two way radio for your business, licensing a frequency with the FCC ensures that you are using a frequency that is reserved specifically for your business. This prevents interference that commonly occurs on the frequencies that many radios use as defaults. This interference is a nuisance that is distracting and reduces productivity. A business radio license (FCC Part 90) is good for 10 years. After 10 years you have the option to renew, or let the license expire (and stop using the frequencies).

Is Licensing Complicated?
When you choose us to facilitate your licensing, we make the process simple! No long or complicated forms to complete. Once you purchase our licensing services, we will contact you to complete a simple questionnaire so that we know where you will be using radios and the type of radios that you are using. Typically 1-2 weeks later we will have the frequency that you will be assigned, and 6-8 weeks later the FCC will mail your official license. After we receive your frequency, if you have ordered radios from us at the same time as the license, we can program the radios and release your order. We also can assist in programming any existing equipment to match the newly licensed frequency.

Licensing Terms
Our prices for licensing related products are all inclusive. The price above includes all FCC and coordination fees, which we will pay on your behalf. Because of this, once your questionnaire has been completed we will not provide a refund under any circumstances.

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