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Intercoms and Callboxes

An intercom or a call box is a two way radio that is typically mounted in a fixed location and is programmed to communicate with other radios at a facility. While an intercom and a callbox essentially operate the same way, an "intercom" usually refers to a more light duty call box designed for indoor use. A "call box" typically refers to a more heavy duty intercom that is more secure and more weatherproof.

We stock callboxes and intercoms designed for indoor or outdoor use by Ritron, a leading manufacturer of these products. All Ritron products are made in the United States.

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  • Ritron Jobcom 7 Series 2-Way Radio Base Station/Intercom

  • Ritron Q1 Series 2-Way Radio Basic Callbox

  • Ritron Q7 Series 2-Way Radio Callbox with Relay / Voice Message

  • Ritron RQX-451-XT Outpost 1 Series Callbox (UHF)

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4 Item(s)