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Intercoms and Callboxes

An intercom or a call box is a two way radio that is typically mounted in a fixed location and is programmed to communicate with other radios at a facility. While an intercom and a callbox essentially operate the same way, an "intercom" usually refers to a more light duty call box designed for indoor use. A "call box" typically refers to a more heavy duty intercom that is more secure and more weatherproof.

We stock callboxes and intercoms designed for indoor or outdoor use by Ritron, a leading manufacturer of these products. All Ritron products are made in the United States.

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  1. Ritron XT Series Heavy Duty 2-Way Radio Callbox

    Ritron XT Series Heavy Duty 2-Way Radio Callbox

    The Ritron XT Series 2-Way Radio Callbox extends your instant communications and access control to even the most remote locations! It provides clear, crisp voice comms virtually anywhere on the premises without wires, trenching or costly construction. The Ritron XT can be easily deployed as a standalone callbox anywhere you need it to maximize operating efficiency, improve job safety and speed up the response time for both clients and co-workers on location. It integrates seamlessly with your existing portable handheld, mobile and base station two way radios for a complete wireless comm system without high maintenance or cost.
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