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Handheld/Portable Business Two Way Radios

Listed below are all of the portable or handheld business two way radios/walkie talkies that we currently carry. We understand that our radio selection can be overwhelming, so we've provided the ability to filter the radios that are displayed by clicking a feature from the list on the left.

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  1. Icom F3261D / F4261D Digital/Analog Two Way Radio Series

    The Icom F3261D/F4261D Two Way Radio Series offers full featured IDAS™ NXDN™ digital operation in a dust-tight and waterproof case. This digital/analog transceiver is both powerful and versatile, capable of transmitting at 5 watts on either UHF or VHF. With 800mW audio output power and a 40mm speaker, the F3261D /F4261D lets you hear loud and clear on 512 memory channels and 128 zones. Versions are also available with a built-in GPS receiver for even greater versatility. If you're working on the railroad, Icom created two specific versions of the F3261D just for you!
  2. Icom F52D / F62D Compact Digital Two Way Radio

    The next generation of IDAS™ is here! Meet the Icom F52D / F62D Compact Digital Two Way Radio! The F52D/F62D improves on the classic IC-F50V/IC-50 series of analog radios with a mix of legacy and modern technology to create a true state-of-the-art device that's considered one of the most compact and feature packed two way radios available on the market today!
  3. Icom F4161 / F3161 Two Way Radio Series

    The Icom F4161/3161 is a high-end, high-performance 5 watt radio that is designed MDC 1200 compatibility. The F4161 / F3161 offers 512 channels and Basic LTRâ„¢ trunking and conventional mode operation. This is a feature packed radio for companies that need the most out of two way communications.
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3 Item(s)