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Handheld/Portable Business Two Way Radios

Listed below are all of the portable or handheld business two way radios/walkie talkies that we currently carry. We understand that our radio selection can be overwhelming, so we've provided the ability to filter the radios that are displayed by clicking a feature from the list on the left.

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  1. Vertex VX-231-AG7B UHF Two Way Radio (Radio Only - No Charger, Antenna or Battery)

    Vertex two way radios are powerful and built for durability. The Vertex VX-231-AG7B 450-485 MHz UHF radio offers up to 5 watts of transmit power and support for 16 channels. Channel scan and monitor functions are also supported.
  2. Mag One by Motorola BPR40 Portable Two Way Radio

    The Mag One™ by Motorola BPR™40 is a reliable and affordable two way radio designed for small business. With a choice of 8 or 16 channels, the BPR40 allows you to organize users and teams into talkgroups for greater efficiency of operations at up to 4 watts (UHF) or 5 watts (VHF) transmit power.
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  3. Motorola VX-261 Portable Two Way Radio

    Motorola delivers a new combination of performance and value with the VX-261! Enhanced audio, premium features and a universal battery system are all built into the VX-260 series to create a two way radio with efficiency, reliability and interoperability that gives you more for less.
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  4. Motorola CP185 Portable Two Way Radio

    Enhance the functionality of your workforce with the Motorola CP185™ Commercial Portable Two Way Radio! The CP185 puts discreet, easy and fast communication in your hand for improved response time to your customers and greater employee efficiency.
    $275.00 Click for price
  5. Kenwood NX-P1300AU Two-way Radio

    Kenwood NX-P1300AU Two-way Radio

    The Kenwood NX-P1300AU UHF two way radio is engineered for the best audio clarity, ease of use and durability available for dependable on-site communications. A powerful upgrade to the legacy ProTalk® TK Series, the NX-P1300AU is the ideal solution for reliable business communications in many industries, including construction, facility management, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and warehousing.
  6. Kenwood TK-3402-U16P Two-way Radio

    The Kenwood TK-3402-U16P is a powerful 16 channel, 5 watt business two way radio with a lithium battery providing up to 18 hours of battery life (14 hours without the battery-saver feature). This powerhouse of a radio from Kenwood supports coverage for up to 370,000 square feet, 33 floors, or up to 7 miles. The TK3402U16P can be programmed to UHF frequencies between 451-470MHz, works with a repeater, and supports 207 Quiet Talk codes (39 QT and 168 DQT codes). Key features include voice scrambling and hands-free (VOX) support (with accessories).
  7. Motorola CP200d Digital Two Way Radio

    Connect your workforce more efficiently and effectively with the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ CP200d Portable Two Way Radio! Simple, yet powerful, the CP200d provides ruggedness and durability while offering the versatility you need plus MOTOTRBO features in an analog or analog/digital package for your daily business operations.
    $428.00 Click for price
  8. Icom F1100D/F2100D IDAS Digital Two Way Radio

    Icom F1100D/F2100D IDAS Digital Two Way Radio

    The Icom F1100D/F2100D IDAS Digital Two Way Radio is the next generation of the IC-F1000D/IC-F2000D series! It takes the the look, feel and durability of the original and adds improved performance to create a slim, dust and waterproof, feature packed portable that can take long hours and heavy workloads each and every day. This heavy duty handheld operates in analog, digital or mixed mode for even greater versatility in your radio fleet. It has a more powerful, leading edge 1500mW speaker and an engineered casing that amplifies and improves acoustic audio clarity for reliable communications in busy, noisy, areas with or without a roof.
  9. Motorola MOTOTRBO CP100d Digital Portable Two Way Radio

    Don't compromise features for cost effective digital communications. Get both with the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ CP100d Portable Two Way Radio! Simple, powerful, and affordable, the CP100d has all the benefits of digital technology while providing the versatility you need plus MOTOTRBO features for your daily business operations.
  10. Kenwood NX-340U16P Digital Two Way Radio

    Kenwood takes you into the digital age with the ProTalk NX-340U16P UHF transceiver! The NX-340U is a 16 channel, 5 watt business two way radio capable of either analog FM or NXDN® digital operation on 451-470MHz UHF frequencies. It is also compatible with other analog business radios operating on the same frequency and code.
  11. Kenwood ProTalk TK-2360IS/3360IS Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio

    Introducing the Kenwood ProTalk® TK-2360IS / 3360IS, a light weight business two way radio that is also intrinsically safe! With 5 watts of power and an utra sub-compact design, the TK-360IS Series is the perfect choice for those who need wide range and small size in hazardous conditions.
    $399.00 Click for price
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11 Item(s)