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Two Way Radio Repeaters

A repeater is a communications device that transmits at a much higher wattage than typical portable radios, allowing for a much larger coverage area. Transmissions are received from portable two way radios by the repeater and then are broadcast at a much higher wattage on a different frequency.

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  1. Ritron RLR-465-N 5 Watt Liberty Repeater (UHF)

    When you need a compact, wireless solution for on-site communications, the Ritron Liberty Repeater is ready to deliver! The RLR-465-N Liberty Repeater is a 5 watt, full duplex repeater specifically designed for areas in which two way radios alone are not quite able to cover. Golf courses, warehouses, industrial plants, schools, stores, schools, and other locations that are just a little larger than a handheld can handle on its own can now get the full radio coverage they need at minimal cost.
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