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Two Way Radios For Retail

Two way radios are a popular tool to improve retail efficiencies. With instant communications between management and employees or between security staff, response times can be lessened and profitability improved. With staff spread throughout the facility, common activities such as price checks, cleanups, or inventory related issues tend to tie up more time than is necessary. Radios eliminate the time required for a manager to locate the appropriate staff member, allowing issues to be resolved more quickly. Equipping security staff with radios allows them to respond more quickly to accidents, disturbance, or theft.

Retail establishments using two way radios have found that radios quickly pay for themselves in increased efficiency. This is why it is common to see a fleet of radios in use in all major retail chains.

The size of retail establishments vary from relatively small shops to huge discount stores. Because of this, there is no perfect radio for all scenarios. Small to medium sized stores will be happy choosing a small, lightweight radio, while larger stores will need a more powerful two watt business radio. Single channel radios are adequate for many situations, but multi-channel models may be helpful if you have several groups that need to have separate communications.

Recommended Two Way Radios for Retail

Motorola CLS1110 Two Way Radio

The Motorola CLS1110 is the ideal two way radio for small and medium sized establishments, and is the radio of choice for several nationwide stores specializing in electronics. It is a mere 5.8" tall by 2" wide and weighs 4.6 oz. The radio has one channel and one watt of transmit power, typically good for coverage of 15 floors or 200,000 sq. feet. A lithium battery is included that typically provides up to 12 hours of life. The CLS1410 is a more full featured version of this model that adds support for 4 channels, hands-free use, and a vibrate mode.

Motorola RM RMU2040 Two Way Radio

The Motorola RMU2040 provides four channels and offers two full watts of transmit power. It is more appropriate for large retail establishments that suffer with dead spots when using lower powered radios. The included lithium battery keeps the radios lightweight while still providing 12 hours of use on a charge (typical). As a member of the Motorola RM series of business radios, the RMU 2040 delivers unmatched clarity and increased loudness over previous models. The more powerful speaker makes this radio a great choice for use in high noise environments. PC compatible software makes it a snap to change this radio's settings and, along with cloning capabilities, it is a breeze to sync the settings for a fleet of radios.

Kenwood ProTalk TK-3230DX Business Two Way Radio

The Kenwood TK3230DX is a versatile radio, provides a good mix of size and power, and is the ideal radio for most small and medium sized establishments. At 6" tall and 2 1/4" wide it is one of the smallest radios available, and the 18 hour lithium battery makes the radio extremely lightweight (5.5 oz.). The TK3230 DX is extremely durable - built to military specifications - and provides six channels and 1 1/2 watts of transmit power. This model supports hands-free (VOX) operation, voice scrambling, channel scan, and a two year warranty.

Icom IC-F4011-41-RC Two Way Radio (UHF)

The Icom IC-F4011-41-RC is a fully programmable and repeater capable 16 channel UHF radio supporting frequencies in the 400-470 Mhz range. The high capacity 2000mAh lithium battery makes this radio long lasting while remaining lightweight. The Icom F4011 meets or exceeds military specifications, making this high powered radio an excellent choice for many situations. Don't need a lithium battery? Save some money with the Icom F4001!