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Two Way Radios For Security

Instant communications between security staff is critical, making two way radios an essential tool. Radios allow security personnel to mobilize quickly while responding to accidents, disturbances, or theft.

Powerful and durable two or four watt radios are typically preferred for security operations, with repeater capable two way radios being necessary for large scale or mobile applications requiring miles of range. Headsets or earpieces are often required, with two wire surveillance style models being most popular.

Recommended Two Way Radios for Security

Motorola RM RMU2040 Two Way Radio

Our most popular two way radio for warehouse use, the Motorola RMU2040 provides four channels and offers two full watts of transmit power. The included lithium battery keeps the radios lightweight while still providing 12 hours of use on a charge (typical). As a member of the Motorola RM series of business radios, the RMU 2040 delivers unmatched clarity and increased loudness over previous models. The more powerful speaker makes this radio a great choice for use in high noise environments. PC compatible software makes it a snap to change this radio's settings and, along with cloning capabilities, it is a breeze to sync the settings for a fleet of radios. The Motorola RMU2080d is also available and adds a display, and support for 8 channels.

Kenwood TK-3402-U16P Two-way Radio

The Kenwood ProTalk TK-3402-U16P supports 16 channels with a full 4 watts of output power. It is popular for security applications and has enough power to operate well throughout large buildings. This model delivers crisp audio quality with excellent durability. A superior lightweight lithium battery is featured, which delivers up to 18 hours of life on a single charge. The wireless cloning feature is unique to Kenwood, making the addition of a new TK3402 to a existing fleet a breeze - no cables required! If only four channels and two watts are needed, take a look at the TK-3400-U4P.

Icom IC-F4011-41-RC Two Way Radio (UHF)

The Icom IC-F4011-41-RC is a fully programmable and repeater capable 16 channel UHF radio supporting frequencies in the 400-470 Mhz range. The high capacity 2000mAh lithium battery makes this radio long lasting while remaining lightweight. The Icom F4011 meets or exceeds military specifications, making this high powered radio an excellent choice for many situations. Don't need a lithium battery? Save some money with the Icom F4001!