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Best FRS/GMRS Two Way Radios

So, you're looking for the best two way radio? Unfortunately, with 2 way radios, it's not quite that simple. No one radio has it all, so exactly which radio is the "best" depends more on what you're looking to use the radio for. For example some want a radio with the most features, while others want a radio that uses the latest technology. Some want the most range, and others are looking for maximum durability.

In the list below, we have selected some of our best radios over several criteria. Our brief description tells you what use it is best for.

Best Consumer Two Way Radios

Midland GXT1000VP4 Radios With Headsets and Charger

The Midland GXT1000VP4 is our most popular consumer radio. It provides great clarity and has all of the features you would want in a consumer radio, including: weather channels and alerts, group mode, hands-free capability, vibrate alert, direct call, and many more. The GXT1000VP4 is more waterproof than other radios in this price range, meeting IP4 specs. It includes two vox capable headsets and a car adapter for the charging base.

Motorola TALKABOUT T600 Two Way Radios

The Motorola T600 two way radio is Motorola's top of the line consumer model. It includes two high-powered, full featured T600 two way radios. This model is IP67 waterproof - meaning it can tolerate being submersed - and it even floats! This model is durable, can charge with a standard micro-USB port, and has a built-in flashlight. Motorola Talkabout accessories available, both from aftermarket companies and direct from Motorola. The Motorola T605 version adds a carry case and car charger.

Kenwood TK-3402-U16P Two-way Radio

The Kenwood TK-3402 is technically a business radio, but it is fully programmable (by a dealer). We are often asked to program this radio to the GMRS frequencies by customer who are looking for a tough, powerful radio with great battery life. The Kenwood TK3402 is a true 4 watt radio that delivers range an clarity that is in a league of its own when compared to standard consumer radios. The TK-3402 is an expensive radio, but is preferred by those who demand the best. If you purchase this radio for typical consumer use, remember to ask us to program it to GMRS frequencies! You can call us with this request, or just type it into the "comments" field when you place an order.