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Buyer's Guide - Consumer Radios

Consumer radios typically support FRS and GMRS frequencies, which were set aside by the FCC for individual or family use. They provide a convenient, easy, and low cost way of keeping in touch with others who are close by.

Which statement best describes your needs?

I want the best two way radio.
These radios have the best range, along with all of the bells and whistles.
I prefer a low cost two way radio.
These radios work well, and won't hurt your wallet.
I need a radio that also provides weather information.
A radio with NOAA weather channels can be a life saver outdoors.
I need a very small radio.
A small radio can be convenient, but you will give up some range.
I need a radio that provides very long range.
Contrary to some claims, consumer radios typically provide 1/2 to 2 miles of range. See which models deliver the most.
What do others in my situation buy?
Need a radio for a common use, such as camping, biking, or a cruise?
I would prefer to select the features I need.
Use our advanced search tool to find a model with exactly what you need.