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CB Radios

CB radios are popular for use while travelling. Although handheld models are available, the most popular CB radios are designed to install in a vehicle and connect to an antenna mounted on the vehicle. CB radios can be used without a license.

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  1. Cobra 29 LX MAX Smart CB Radio

    The Cobra 29 LX MAX Smart CB radio takes safe, easy and legal hands free communications and gives it to the professional driver! It takes the best features of the classic 29 LX and adds Bluetooth® technology plus iRadar® compatibility for a truly professional CB radio that connects with your smartphone!
  2. Galaxy DX 2547 AM / SSB CB Base Station Radio

    The Galaxy DX 2457 AM/ SSB Two Way Citizen Band Base Station is designed for the serious CB operator who wants to take it to the max. The DX2547 covers all 40 CB frequencies with 4W of power on AM and 12W PEP on USB/LSB.
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2 Item(s)