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CB Radios

CB radios are popular for use while travelling. Although handheld models are available, the most popular CB radios are designed to install in a vehicle and connect to an antenna mounted on the vehicle. CB radios can be used without a license.

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  1. Uniden PRO401HH Handheld CB Radio

    The Uniden PRO401HH is CB Radio the functionality of a classic entry-level CB and packs it into a handheld walkie talkie for complete portability! Easy to carry and easy to use, the PRO401HH has what you need for instant CB radio communications.
  2. Cobra 19DX IV CB Radio

    The Cobra 19DX IV is a good choice if you’re looking for a low-cost CB radio. The 19DXIV is a basic CB radio that is as small as its price tag. This model is compatible with all other CB radios, supporting all 40 channels. An RF gain control and noise eliminating squelch control allow you to adjust the signal quality. The 19DXIV provides a digital display with signal strength indicator. If you're looking to get a CB radio for emergency situations or if you are a beginner with CB's, this would be a good choice for you.
  3. Uniden PRO510XL CB Radio

    The Uniden PRO510XL CB Radio is an ideal choice for those looking for an entry-level CB, or if you just want a basic model. The 510 XL is compact in size, and has a modern, easy to operate design.
  4. Uniden PRO520XL CB Radio

    The Uniden PRO520XL CB Radio is an entry-level CB, yet it's anything but basic. The 520 XL is compact in size with an easy to operate design, but it has what you need for standard CB radio communications.
  5. Cobra 25 LTD Classic CB Radio

    The Cobra 25 LTD Classic is the number one choice for professional drivers! The 25 LTD offers all popular CB features and a classic CB look, at a value price. This Cobra has a switchable noise blanker, which will block unwanted engine noise. Cobra's Dynamike gain control and adjustable squelch control are also featured. The 25 LTD Classic can also be used as a public address (PA) system when combined with an external speaker.
  6. Cobra HH 50 WX ST CB Radio

    Stay tuned to all 40 CB channels where ever you go with the Cobra HH 50 WX ST handheld CB radio! The HH50WXST combines the functionality of a classic CB radio with the portability of a walkie talkie transceiver for the ultimate CB radio experience on or off the road! The HH50WXST also includes 10 NOAA weather channels, making it an all hazards alert radio as well. No matter the weather, no matter where you are, th HH50 WX ST is your link to millions of CB users and up-to-date information on the latest conditions on the road.
  7. Midland 75-822 Portable / Mobile 2 in 1 CB Radio

    Midland is known for its portable radios. Now it takes CB to true portability with the Midland 75-822 Micro Mobile-Portable CB radio! The 75-822 is a 2 in 1 plug and play two way radio that's a lightweight handheld and a mobile CB all in one powerful package!
  8. Cobra HHRT 50 ROADTRIP Handheld CB Radio

    The Cobra HHRT 50 ROADTRIP CB Handheld radio is identical to the Cobra HH 50 WX ST, with the addition of a magnetic vehicle antenna. This magnetic vehicle antenna improves the range of the radio and is the perfect addition if you are taking the radio in a vehicle or if you switch vehicles often.
  9. Uniden CMX760 Ultra Compact CB Radio

    Take CB communications off-road with the Uniden CMX760 Ultra Compact CB Radio! The CMX760 has all classic features professional drivers love packed into a mini mobile CB unit you can mount on an off-road vehicle and take anywhere off the beaten path.
  10. Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio with 7 Color Display Backlighting

    Uniden is well known for its legendary Bearcat brand of CB radios. Now Uniden introduces a new standard for CB communications with the Bearcat 880. The 880 combines the power and ruggedness of a Bearcat CB radio with a stylish design and exciting new features.
  11. Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio with 7 Color Display

    The Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio combines contemporary style and modern features with the power and ruggedness of a classic Bearcat to bring you the best in CB radio. With the addition of Single Side Band, you get the ultimate CB experience.
  12. Cobra 29 LX LCD CB Radio

    A professional driver uses professional tools. The Cobra 29 LX is a professional CB radio with a look and feel that was designed for professionals. The 29 LX LTD CB Radio includes all the standard features of the 29 LTD Classic with a few added features of its own to make it truly professional.
  13. Cobra 29-LTD-CHR Chrome Special Edition CB Radio

    Now you can have your Cobra in Chrome! This Special Edition of the Cobra 29 LTD Classic includes all the standard features you expect from a CB radio in a stylish chrome cabinet with a matching chrome microphone, blue channel LEDs and signal strength meter.
  14. Galaxy DX 949 SSB CB Radio

    The Galaxy DX 949 CB Radio is a full featured series that still has the classic CB radio design you expect in a Galaxy radio. The DX949 is designed for professionals and serious CB operators. The Galaxy CB radio series is popular with professional truckers for a reason, and the DX 949 continue the Galaxy tradition of quality and reliability.
  15. Galaxy DX 929 CB Radio

    The Galaxy DX 929 CB Radio is a popular series that has many of the features you expect in a Galaxy radio. The DX929 has a new compact shape while keeping a traditional design. At 7.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall, the DX 929 is perfect for those that have limited room, but still want a top quality CB radio.
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