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FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkies

Listed below are all of the consumer (FRS/GMRS) two way radios/walkie talkies that we currently carry. We understand that our radio selection can be overwhelming, so we've provided the ability to filter the radios that are displayed by clicking a feature from the list on the left.

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  1. Midland EX37VP Two Way Radio Emergency Kit

    Communication is vital in an emergency. When good weather turns bad, The Midland E READY EX37VP Emergency Two Way Radio Kit provides essentials for early warning and preparation to help you avert a disaster!
  2. Midland XT511 Base Camp Two Way / Emergency Crank Radio

    The Midland Base Camp XT511 combines a powerful FRS/GMRS two way radio with an emergency crank radio! The XT511 also features a flashlight, an AM/FM radio, and a NOAA weather alert radio. The Midland XT511 can be is perfect for emergencies, as it includes both an AC wall power adapter and DC vehicle adapter. The Base Camp XT511 can also operate on battery power (included rechargeable battery or 4 "AA"). The rechargeable battery can be charged using the AC/DC adapters, or by turning the Dynamo crank.
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2 Item(s)