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VHF Marine Radios

VHF marine radios are designed for communications across water. Marine radios use frequencies specifically set aside for this purpose and are great for general communication or if an emergency arises.

There are generally two types of marine radios: handheld and mounted. Handheld models are more convenient, as they can be easily taken from one boat to another. Mounted models require a little more work (installing the radio and connecting an antenna) but typically they deliver more power.

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  1. Uniden Atlantis 275 Handheld Marine Radio

    Sail away with the Uniden ATLANTIS 275 Handheld Marine Radio! The Atlantis275 operates on all VHF marine radio channels with up to 6 watts of transmit power. It also has NOAA weather channels and weather alert to help keep you aware of ever changing weather conditions on the water. With a large LCD display and backlit keypad, the Atlantis275 is capable of marine operation onboard your vessel anytime, day or night.
  2. Cobra MR-HH350-FLT Floating Marine Radio with Weather

    The Cobra Marine MR-HH350-FLT is a high powered, submersible handheld VHF marine radio that floats! An orange core and floating design make this radio easy to spot and retrieve if it's dropped overboard.
  3. Cobra MR HH500 FLT Floating Marine Radio with Bluetooth

    Why put your cell phone at risk over water when you can pair it to the Cobra Select MR HH500 FLT BT Floating Marine Radio with Bluetooth! This high tech, high powered handheld is equipped with MicroBlue™ Bluetooth® Wireless Technology in a noise-cancelling design compatible with mobile phones. If your radio takes a dive, no worries. The MR-HH500-FLT-BT is a submersible VHF marine radio that also floats! With its orange core design the radio is easy to spot and retrieve if it happens to go overboard.
  4. Icom IC-M36 VHF Marine Radio

    The Icom IC-M36 Marine VHS Two Way Radio is what you would expect from Icom. Continuing in the same tradition as the Icom IC-M34, this is a tough radio that is made to last and is loaded with great features. The IC-M36 is a 6 watt VHF radio that is submersible up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The M36 also features AquaQuake, that uses a vibrating sound to help remove water from the speaker grill. The IC-M36 also floats, making it great for a ditch bag.
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4 Item(s)