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Emergency and Weather Radios

Weather radios allow you to receive an up to date weather forecast at a moments notice. The press of a button allows you to tune into your local NOAA weather transmitter and hear a forecast specific to your general area. More advanced models have the ability to proactively alert you to dangerous our rapidly changing weather. The most advanced models support S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology. With SAME not only will you receive proactive alerts, you will also be able to limit the alerts that you receive to a very specific area. This helps ensure that you are only notified when an alert truly affects you.

Emergency radios are necessary during an emergency, such as a storm or an earthquake. They typically operate on battery and/or crank power and provide functions such as an AM/FM radio, flashlight, and weather radio. Advanced models are also equipped with a cell phone charger that can be powered using a crank. These radios are invaluable during an extended power outage or an emergency.

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  1. Midland EX37VP Two Way Radio Emergency Kit

    Communication is vital in an emergency. When good weather turns bad, The Midland E READY EX37VP Emergency Two Way Radio Kit provides essentials for early warning and preparation to help you avert a disaster!
  2. Motorola TALKABOUT T480 Two Way Radio

    Be prepared for the unexpected with the Motorola Talkabout T480 FRS/GMRS two way radio! The T480 helps you stay connected and ready for an emergency when cell phone service is down or you lose power. It has 22 FRS/GMRS channels, NOAA weather channels, weather alerts and an FM radio to keep you and your family informed during emergency situations.
  3. Midland XT511 Base Camp Two Way / Emergency Crank Radio

    The Midland Base Camp XT511 combines a powerful FRS/GMRS two way radio with an emergency crank radio! The XT511 also features a flashlight, an AM/FM radio, and a NOAA weather alert radio. The Midland XT511 can be is perfect for emergencies, as it includes both an AC wall power adapter and DC vehicle adapter. The Base Camp XT511 can also operate on battery power (included rechargeable battery or 4 "AA"). The rechargeable battery can be charged using the AC/DC adapters, or by turning the Dynamo crank.
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3 Item(s)