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Discount Two Way Radios

The following are our current specials and/or closeout two way radios. Because of our sales volume, we frequently have the opportunity to purchase a large volume of closeout radios at great prices. Of course, we pass these savings on to you! If you're looking for a great deal, you will certainly find it here.

All products are brand new! We do not sell refurbished products.

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  1. Cobra microTALK CX312 Two Way Radios

    Be prepared for severe weather anytime with the Cobra microTALK CX312! Compact and easy to use, the CX312 combines NOAA weather channels and weather alerts with 22 FRS/GMRS channels and 121 privacy codes into one handy radio. The CX312 has a maximum range of up to 23 miles in optimal conditions (typically less than a mile in urban conditions).
  2. Cobra microTALK CX445 Two Way Radios

    Call up outdoor adventure with the Cobra microTALK CX445! The CX445 gives you 22 FRS/GMRS channels, 142 privacy codes, NOAA weather channels and weather alerts in one handy talkie you can clip to your hip.
  3. Cobra CXY805 FRS Two Way Radios

    Introducing the Cobra CXY805, the next rugged FRS radio for outdoor adventure! The CXY805 has all the essentials you need in an FRS transceiver at a great price! It has 22 FRS channels, 121 privacy codes and call alert. The CXY 805 is also a weather and emergency radio, with a built-in weather radio receiver covering all NOAA operated weather channels in the US.
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3 Item(s)