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Buyer's Guide - VHF Business Radios

Business radios using VHF frequencies are well suited for outdoor use, particularly in fairly open areas. Their signals tend to travel farther over land and stay closer to the ground, making them ideal for outdoor operation in open or hilly areas. VHF signals do not penetrate obstructions very well, making them less suited for indoor use or use around structures.

Which statement best describes your needs?

I want a durable radio with good clarity.

Two watt portable radios built to military specs. Our most popular VHF radios.

I want the most powerful two way radio.

Powerful 4 and 5 watt radios.

I need a radio that doesn't require a license.

Radios supporting MURS frequencies can be used unlicensed.

I need a radio that will work with a repeater.

You will need a fully programmable radio in order to talk through a repeater.

I would prefer to select the features I need.

Go to our main business radios page, and use the features listed on the left sidebar to drill down to find your perfect model.