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Two Way Radios For Road Trips / Caravans

Caravan When multiple vehicles are travelling together, two way radios (or walkie talkies) are an excellent way for the entire group to stay in touch. Provide a radio per vehicle and, at the touch of a button, all travellers are immediately in contact. This makes it a breeze to coordinate route changes, stops for food or gas, or to notify the group of car trouble.

When shopping for a two way radio to be used for a caravan, the following features will be most important:

  • Range - Becoming separated by a mile or more is easy in vehicles. If one member of the group gets caught at a stop light, this distance alone could put you out of range for many two way radios. Range is absolutely the most critical consideration when considering radios for a caravan.
  • Battery Life - Without power outlets being readily available, keeping your radio charged is a big concern if you're planning a long drive. Look for models with extremely long battery life, those that have the ability to operate on standard AA or AAA batteries in a pinch, or models that support a vehicle charger.
  • NOAA Weather Information - Having weather information available is not a critical requirement, but may be convenient while travelling or when you reach your destination.
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  1. Midland GXT1000VP4 Radios With Headsets and Charger

    The Midland GXT-1000-VP4 boasts maximum power with X-TRA TALK, allowing for up to 36 miles Xtreme Range in optimal conditions (typically 2 miles or less in urban conditions). The GXT1000VP4 is a full featured radio that includes everything you need! This value pack includes rechargeable batteries, a desktop charger with AC wall and DC vehicle adapter, and a pair of headsets with boom microphones.
  2. Wouxun KG-805G GMRS Two Way Radio

    Wouxun KG-805G GMRS Two Way Radio

    The Wouxun KG-805G is the radio that professional GMRS users have been waiting for. It's a true business quality radio designed with the needs of the GMRS power user in mind! It delivers 5 watts of power, repeater support, and exceptional audio quality with surprising ease of use.

    Regular Price: $89.99

    Special Price $79.99

  3. Midland MXT275 MicroMobile GMRS 2-Way Radio

    The best mobile GMRS radio from Midland just got better! It's the Midland MXT275 MicroMobile™ 2-Way Radio, designed exclusively for use on the GMRS! The MXT275 combines a full 15 watts of power with a detachable external magnetic mount mobile antenna for up to 3 times the wattage and range of a typical handheld GMRS model! Plus, the controls are fully integrated into the hand microphone for easier access in a vehicle!
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3 Item(s)