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Two Way Radio Care and Maintenance Kit

Two Way Radio Care and Maintenance Kit
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Product Description

Keep your two way radios operating optimally with the Two Way Radio Care and Maintenance Kit! This provides necessary components to assist your users on the proper handling and use of the radios in your fleet.

The average lifespan of a handheld two way radio is about five to seven years and can be shortened considerably by improper care and maintenance. However, best practices in the daily care, maintenance and storage can maximize the longevity of your equipment and possibly even extend it.

This kit includes:
Two Way Radio Care and Maintenance Guide - This handy reference guide is a thin, lightweight check list of tips and best practices about handling two way radios that can be pinned to a bulletin board, taped to the wall, added to a clipboard, or posted almost anywhere you need your radio users to view it.

The Guide is also laminated, making it durable, weather resistant and waterproof. It can be used inside and out as a constant reminder to your crew or staff on the proper use of your radio equipment.

The Two Way Radio Quick Clean Microfiber Cloth - This dual-sided microfiber cloth is strong, durable, and safe to use on most sensitive surfaces. the micro-fiber fabric is tough, yet gentle on your radio equipment. Use it to safely clean the surface of your radio without scratching or leaving cloth fibers. It's great for wiping down radio displays, too!

Train your employees or users now about proper handling techniques of your two way radios to protect and maximize your investment with the Two Way Radio Care and Maintenance Kit!

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