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Tram Discone Broad Band Base Antenna (25-1300 MHz)

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Quick Overview

The Tram Discone 1411 is designed specifically for amateurs and CB users who require complete band coverage (25-1300 MHz). The reduced dimensions allow the antenna can be easily installed in any condition. Discone 1411 provides continuous reception up to 1300 MHz and allows transmission on all amateur and CB radio bands from 25 MHz.

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The Tram Discone 1411 is designed specifically for amateurs and CB users who require complete band coverage (25-1300 MHz). The reduced dimensions allow the antenna can be easily installed in any condition. Discone 1411 provides continuous reception up to 1300 MHz and allows transmission on all amateur and CB radio bands from 25 MHz.

The Discone 1411 antenna is a great choice for CB multi-band, dual banders for full-duplex transmissions, remote control and cordless phones.

Discone 1411 is a base station antenna. To maximize its usable frequency it is best to mount it as high as possible on a mast with a maximum diameter of 1 3/8 in. (35mm). The 1411 connects to a standard UHF male (PL 259) connector.
  • Broad band Stainless base antenna
  • Wide band reception covering 25-1300 MHz
  • Rust free all stainless steel structure
  • SWR 1.5:1 max
  • 1 3/8" (35mm) maximum mast diameter
  • Transmit bands 26-27-46-49-72-144-220-440-900-1290 MHz
  • UHF Female (SO-239) connector
  • Max power 300 watts CB/200 watts VHF-UHF
  • 6 lower radials 32" (81cm) two lower radials 48"-52" (122-132cm) adjustable
  • 8 upper radials 10.5" (26cm)
  • Top whip length 55" (139cm)
  • Requires mast (not included)

Additional Information

Service / Frequency 1.25 meter (220 MHz), 800/900 MHz, Amateur, Business, CB, GMRS, HF, Marine, NOAA Weather, UHF (400-520MHz), VHF (134-180MHz)
Number of Bands More than 4
  1. GREAT ANTENNA review by PAUL on 3/8/2019


  2. Great product review by Phil on 7/1/2018

    The antenna works very well and shows low SWR on 2m and 70cm. The build quality is certainly a lot better than my last "name brand" antenna. I am very pleased with this antenna.

  3. Owned For 3 Years review by KG7M, KA7AYG, KALE7463, KRC0301 on 6/7/2018

    This is my second location to install the Tram 1411, in the past three years. Previously the antenna was installed on the roof of my house, in the clear at 35 feet. It performed very well at this installation. I have since moved to an apartment. The Discone is now mounted outside my apartment window on a very small balcony. This antenna is very much affected by being in proximety to the building. In the clear, the antenna was resonant in the 10 meter band. Now, mounted close to the building it is resonant at the 12 meter band. So it has moved from 28.4 mhz to 24.9 mhz just by reducing the mounting height. The two Lower, Adjustable-Tip Radials do have a huge effect when it comes to tuning this antenna. They are End-Loaded Radials and seem to cause the antenna to work as a Vertical Dipole. I think the combination of the Top Vertical Element along with the Horizontal Top spokes are equal to a Quarter Wave at 27 mhz. As are the two bottom Loaded Elements. If mounted in the clear, this is a good solution for either 11, or 10 meters. Forget 6 meters. Neither of my installations had this antenna resonant at 50 mhz. As for the VHF and UHF Bands, the antenna is okay if mounted high, and marginal if mounted close to any structures. I am using it sucessfully to monitor 800 mhz trunking systems and 155 mhz conventional systems. Previously, mounted high, it worked great to monitor traffic from South American Radio Pirates that hijack the US Military Communications Satellites in the 225-400 mhz band. I used an AOR-3000A with a modified RCA Television Preamp to receive the hijackers.

  4. Surprisingly Effective! review by Tracker on 2/17/2018

    Well made with good assembly instructions. Works very well on 11 meter with it mounted at 20'. It definitely reaches out. I'm sure the disk works as a ground plane when using 11 meters. The local CB base station regulars are impressed with the reach I'm getting with my stock, 4 watt rig. I've had to explain to them a few times about this antenna. I've scanned the other bands and it seems to have great sensitivity. My primary use is 10/11 meter and receiving marine VHF. My SWR is at 1.0 on the primary channel I use (CB channel 38) and 1.4 on channel 1. The SWR just worked out that way on installation. I didn't do any further adjustments. This must be mounted on top of mast with feed line running through the mast. I'm using a tripod with a chain link fence top rail for the mast.

  5. Good product high quality REALY fast shiping review by Stumpman (unit 211 North central Texas) on 8/25/2017

    I baught the tram driscpne broad band base antenna for use on citizens band radio.it turned out to be actually better than advertised. I like the output being a more 360 degree or omni directional type of antenna.I replaced a quad antenna . so I'm not getting near the distance that I did with the y quad. But I'm not having to direct my signal to a curtain area. Thumbs up all the way around on purchase and buy two way radios professional service ,thank you

  6. Tram Discone Broad Band Base Antenna review by Ed on 6/29/2017

    The discone antenna by Tram is a well constructed super broad band antenna. Easy to assemble and requires no adjustments.

  7. A lot of antenna for the price... review by Highmaster2 on 4/25/2017

    Had a small RS discone above the roof - just wasn't happy with what I could receive on my Whistler TRX-1. Put up the Tram and, though it didn't pull in the system I was hoping for, I did start hearing systems that I previously could not hear. I am very pleased with the antenna itself as well as its performance.

  8. NOT IMPRESSED!!! review by Plumber Don on 4/20/2017

    It came without any paperwork. Had to use picture to put together. No instructions on how to tune antenna. Would not recommend to friends.

  9. Tram Discone Antenna Worth Every Penny review by Norbie - WE5Z on 12/7/2016

    Fantastic antenna. Completely satisfied. Great price. Great wattage carrying capability. Low wind square footage. Makes my Yaesu FT2DR 5 watts sound fantastic to hams in my area. Would definitely buy again and definitely recommend.

  10. After 1 Year in Service review by KG7M on 5/25/2016

    Took antenna down to move QTH, and noted that antenna was full of water from rainy weather. There was absolutely NO RUST or corrosion after being exposed to the elements for a year. I think water entered the main body of the antenna by running down the vertical element. I recommend sealing the junction with RTV Silicone. This vendor, "Buy Two Way Radios" has the beat price of anyone on this item. Service was outstanding as well. Antenna is a great performer under 800 MHZ. I've been able to receive the South American Pirates on the Military Satcom frequencies V200-400 MHz). Also, during last summer's Fire Season I regularly received USFS Firefighter Ops from up to 70 miles distance. I also used the antenna forSOs on 11m CB and 10m ham. All in all, this is a really great product, and the price is low. I do think it would perform much better above 800 MHz if it was used WITHOUT the vertical element, and the 2 loaded bottom extensions.

  11. Ok product untrustworthy business dealing with bizrate review by emeryjohn on 4/3/2016

    Not too bad of an antenna but is lacking in small annoying ways. No assembly/installation instructions came with the antenna but assembly was simple and can be performed by comparing to pictures. I found several of the black plastic end safety caps missing when I opened the package which was more of an esthetic annoyance than anything, The Allen head locking screws corroded very quickly (less than three weeks after installing which resulted in a bit of clean-up to maintain continuity, I had to replace them (screws) with stainless replacements, a better quality unit would not have this issue

  12. TRAM DISCONE A DISAPPOINTMENT review by Radio Dude on 10/18/2015

    I purchased the Tram Discone for primarily 800MHZ trunked monitoring. I located the antenna outside approx 20 feet high. In short; on 800Mhz it does not do much better than the rubber duck on my Uniden 396xt. I've been a ham radio op for years and also worked for Motorola as a tech years ago, so I DO know how to install antennas and insure no shorts exist etc... I will be replacing this antenna soon and go with something that provides a little gain.

  13. Wide Band Antenna review by KG7M on 8/30/2015

    Installed the Tram 1411 on a 5 foot section of 1-3/8" mast, attached to a 30 foot telescoping mast. Feeding with 50 feet RG6 coax. SWR is flat at 28.400 MHz, and at 144 MHz using a MFJ Antenna Analyzer. 50 MHz SWR is 2:1 (I did not attempt to adjust for a lower SWR). Antenna is excellent in the VHF High Band, where I can now monitor Forest Service Fire Crews located up to 70 miles distant. VHF Airband s strong with ground mounted ATIS reception out to 40 miles. UHF Military Airband is excellent with Milsat signals audible. Local 800 MHz Public Service Trunking is solid with previously unreadable signals now S5. In general, UHF above 800 MHz does drop off, but it's likely my feedline.

  14. Best 25-1300 MHz Antenna on the market review by Eric the Impala Farmer on 3/31/2015

    This is simply an incredible antenna in a small footprint. VSWR of 1.5-1 or less is nearly possible anywhere in the advertised bandwidth with a little tuning. I now live in an apartment and have to scale down my radio hobby a bit, so I'll run a multi-receiver coupler on one of these (I purchased one previously) and a ham radio triplexer on the other. You then pretty much own the VHF, UHF & SHF spectrum with this beauty. During daylight hours here near Boston, MA I usually receive WWV in Fort Collins, CO on 25 MHz full signal on my Bearcat BCT15. Can't ask for much more than that. Pick up all the MA SP repeaters statewide full signal, full quieting as well.

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