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TriSquare TSX300-2VP Two Way Radio Value Pack

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Quick Overview

The TriSquare TSX300 eXRS radio is a digital radio offering an astounding 10 billion channels. The TSX300 operates in the 900 MHz frequency range, which means it can be used by individuals or businesses without purchasing a license from the FCC. The 900 MHz frequencies offer better privacy and more secure communications than radios operating on UHF or VHF frequencies.

Availability: Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.


The TriSquare TSX300 eXRS radio is a digital radio offering an astounding 10 billion channels. The TSX300 operates in the 900 MHz frequency range, which means it can be used by individuals or businesses without purchasing a license from the FCC. The 900 MHz frequencies, along with TriSquare's frequency hopping technology, offer better privacy and much more secure communications than radios operating on UHF or VHF frequencies.

The TSX300 provides a phone book which allows you to store up to 100 contact entries. You can use this contact list to easily place a private, direct call to a single radio, or to your entire group. When you receive a private call, the radio's Caller ID feature will display the name assigned to the calling radio. If you are in the middle of a conversation with one person while receiving a call from another, the TSX300's Call Waiting feature will display the new caller's name and allow you to accept or reject the new call.

The TSX300 also supports text messaging. Using the radio's keypad, you can send a text message to an individual or to an entire group. The large backlit alpha-numeric text display makes text messages easy to read. You can also store frequently used text messages in the radio to make texting faster.

The TriSquare TSX300 also features a wireless cloning feature. This makes configuration simple for businesses using lots of radios. Just setup one radio exactly how you like it, and then clone the settings to another radio!

The TSX300 also supports hands-free (VOX) use, either with or without a headset. Support is included for 10 NOAA weather frequencies. You can choose from 5 "Ring Tones" (call alerts) and/or put your radio in vibrate mode for a vibrating call notification.

This TSX300-2VP value pack includes two TriSquare TSX300 radios, a dual pocket desktop charger, two rechargeable battery packs, and two VOX/PTT headsets.

TriSquare TSX300-2VP Features

  • 10 Billion Channels
  • 900 MHz Frequencies
  • Frequency-Hopping Technology
  • Uses 3 AA Batteries or Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • NiMH Rechargeable Battery Packs Included
  • Dual Pocket Desktop Charger Included
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • Vibrate Alert
  • Hands-Free (VOX) Support w/ 3 Sensitivity Levels
  • Direct Call
  • Silent Mode
  • Supports Wireless Cloning
  • Text Messaging
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • 100 Radio Contacts List
  • 5 Call Tones
  • Talk Confirmation Tone
  • Backlit Display
  • Battery Meter
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Timeout Timer
  • Keypad Lock
  • Audible Button Beeps
  • Fixed Antenna
  • Drop-In Charge Capable
  • Audio Accessory Connector
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the TriSquare TSX300-2VP

  • Two TriSquare TSX300 Radios
  • Dual Port Desktop Charger
  • Two Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Two VOX / PTT Headsets
  • Two Swivel Belt Clips
  • Owners Manual

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Channels 9999
Radio Type Handheld
Services Business
Safety Features NOAA Weather Channels
Digital Standard 900 MHz FHSS
Frequencies 900 MHz FHSS
  1. Poor quality review by Genadibo on 2/20/2012

    I used the first set 1 time before they stopped working. TriSquare replaced them and I used the second set twice before they stopped working. Worst radios I've every owned.

  2. Great Idea Using Spread Spectrum UHF review by Bill Who Still Cares on 4/6/2011

    The Radios themselves are great - they work, no Interferences, Audio Good, 10B Channels with lots of Privacy, Reception has been quite good. Set Up can be a bit detailed due to the many capabilities in their design. Owners Manual looses a little in English Translation as do so many other products not made in U.S.A.. The really bad news however, is the NiMh Rechargeable Battery Docking Station. The design is such that the Radios fit in their designated holder slots very loosely, and make poor electrical contact. The LED indicator lights flicker due to the poor connectivity of the electrical contacts. They charge via two metal contact points on the Back Cover of the radios, then it is transferred from the Cover, to the actual battery itself - the Covers do not fit real tight, and the Radios fit poorly in their charging holders - hence double trouble. The NiMh Batteries are of poor quality, many reports of brand new Batteries NOT working after 1hr., or just not holding a charge are true. The good news - Trisquares Service Dept. is cooperative, and has been Replacing Batteries for new or recently purchased customers Radios. I have suggested that they immediately contact the manufacturer (Hong Kong China) and have the Docking Station redesigned, and procure quality NiMh Batteries - or charge a little extra and start using Li-Ion Batteries. You can also power the Radios by using 3 AA Batteries in each. The Radios themselves and their working concepts do make them worth buying.

  3. Excellent response, thank you. review by Michael on 1/3/2011

    This product is superior to the garden variety radios.

  4. * review by Renee on 11/4/2010

    I have been completely disappointed in these walkie talkies - they do not fit in chargers - you have to continually play with them to get them lined up with charger - two of them already will not charge at all - they get very very hot.Returned one - new one does the same thing. [...]

  5. Not Impressed review by Task Force Investigations Inc. IAD on 11/4/2010

    I tested the two radios upon receipt (after charging). The fully charged battery only lasted about an hour. Half of the radio transmissions never reached the other unit, the units were 1 room away with a closed door (residential setting). The following day, I found the battery charger would not charge the batteries.

  6. Don't waste your money. review by Bow Hunter on 11/4/2010

    I hunt elk and black tail deer in Washington State. I bought these radios for me and my son to use this fall. They are a complete disappointment. My son and I could not communicate with these Trisquare radios even 50 yards apart. We also cannot talk with the rest of our hunting party since they carry Rino 530's. Since I opened the package I cannot return them. The wife is still giving me guff over two months later about wasting $100. I gave them to the kids to play with around the house.

  7. Good Radio Well Worth The Money review by Rev. Jim on 11/4/2010

    Great little radios. The range is fair, at least equal to FRS radios and there is NO Interference from other radios. They are light weight and have a reasonable battery life. Work great rig to rig when four wheeling and on the road.

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