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Two Way Radio Audio Cables

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  • Impact Platinum FPTT-1 Optional Finger PTT (for PBM/GTM mics)

  • XLT Snap Series Single Wire Radio Connector w/ PTT

  • Impact Gold Series G1W 1 Wire Surveillance Kit

  • XLT QD100 Quick Disconnect Cable (for HS400/HS500)

  • XLT QD180 Quick Disconnect Cable with PTT (for HS400/HS500)

  • Impact Gold Series G2W 2 Wire Surveillance Kit

  • RocketScience K-Cord M1 Headset Cable

  • RocketScience K-Cord Y4 Headset Cable

  • RocketScience K-Cord K1 Headset Cable

  • RocketScience K-Cord S6 Headset Cable

  • Icom VS-1L VOX/PTT Unit

  • Icom VS-1SC IS PTT Unit

Set Descending Direction


12 Item(s)