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Kenwood Two Way Radios

Authorized Kenwood ProTalk Dealer

Kenwood two way radios are built with business needs in mind. Kenwood offers a wide variety of styles ranging from small, lightweight models to durable, high powered, repeater capable ones. We carry Kenwood a radio that is perfect for any use, including: restaurants, hotels, retail, schools, construction, warehouses, small businesses, doctor and dental offices, and many more!

We are proud to be an Authorized Kenwood ProTalk Dealer. When you purchase your Kenwood two way radio from Buy Two Way Radios, you can be confident that you will receive full support and full warranty from the manufacturer!

Earn a $100-$200 gift card rebate with a minimum purchase of six radios!

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  • Kenwood ProTalk LT PKT-23 Pocket-Sized Business Two Way Radio

  • Kenwood ProTalk TK-3230DX Business Two Way Radio

  • Kenwood TK-2000 VHF Two-way Radio

  • Kenwood TK-3000 UHF Two-way Radio

  • Kenwood TK-2400-V16P Two-way Radio

  • Kenwood TK-3400-U16P Two-way Radio

  • Kenwood ProTalk NX-P500 Digital Business Two Way Radio

  • Kenwood TK-2402-V16P Two-way Radio

  • Kenwood TK-3402-U16P Two-way Radio

  • Kenwood NX-240V16P2 Digital Two Way Radio (2 Watts/VHF)

  • Kenwood ProTalk TK-2360IS/3360IS Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio

    $399.00 Click for price
  • Kenwood NX-240V16P Digital Two Way Radio

  • Kenwood TK-D340U DMR Digital Two Way Radio (UHF)

  • Kenwood NX-340U16P Digital Two Way Radio

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14 Item(s)