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FCC Radio Licensing Services

Need to license your radio frequencies but don't want to deal with all of the confusing FCC paperwork? Let us handle it for you! We simplify the process of licensing your business radio through the FCC! Purchase one of the products below, and all it will take is a 5 minute phone call and your signature!

Do I need an FCC License? FCC licenses are required for many business radio frequencies. The biggest advantage to licensing your frequencies is exclusivity. Using common or default frequencies often means dealing with interference from others nearby who are using the same frequencies. With a license, you will be granted the exclusive use of a frequency for your location! Eliminating interference increases productivity!

Do I have to buy radios from you in order to use your licensing services? No. We can get you licensed for any radios that you are currently using. After receiving your license, we can usually assist in programming your existing radios with the new frequencies if needed. Of course, if you purchase new radios from us at the same time you purchase a license things are even easier. We will program your radios to your licensed frequencies before shipping!

How long is a license good for? A FCC business radio license is good for 10 years.

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  • Single Business Frequency License (Simplex)

  • Business Repeater / Base Station Frequency License

  • Business Itinerant Frequency License

  • Additional Simplex Business Frequency License

  • Additional Business Repeater / Base Station License

  • Existing Business License Renewal

  • Existing License Narrowband Update

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