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Long Range FRS/GMRS Two Way Radios

Contrary to the advertising claims of practically all consumer radio manufacturers, under typical conditions 1-2 miles is the most range you can reasonable expect from a consumer grade radio. Manufacturers commonly make claims of "30 mile range" or more, and this is only achievable when there are no obstructions at all, such as when one person is on a mountaintop talking to someone in a valley below.

In the list below, we have selected a few of our most powerful two way radios. Our brief description tells you how much range you can expect in typical circumstances, but please keep in mind that this will vary based upon your specific environment.

Longest Range Consumer Two Way Radios

Midland GXT1000VP4 Radios With Headsets and Charger

The Midland GXT1000VP4 is our most popular consumer radio, and for good reason. It provides high power output capable of delivering range up to 2 miles in many environments. The GXT-1000-VP4 also provides great clarity and has all of the features you would want in a consumer radio, including: weather channels and alerts, group mode, hands-free capability, vibrate alert, direct call, and many more. The GXT1000-VP4 is more waterproof than other radios in this price range, meeting IP4 specs. It includes two vox capable headsets and a car adapter for the charging base. If you like the power of this radio but don't need the waterproof feature, group mode, or the included headsets, you can save a few dollars by going with the GXT740VP3.

Motorola TALKABOUT T460 Two Way Radios

The Motorola TALKABOUT T460 is one of Motorola's most powerful consumer (FRS/GMRS) radio. While it is not the most powerful consumer radio available, it can still deliver up to 1.5 miles in good conditions. The T460 has good clarity and is a full featured radio, supporting weather channels, hands-free use, a vibrate alert, and more. If you plan to use a headset or other accessories with your radio, Motorola is a good brand to choose. There are a wide variety of Motorola Talkabout accessories available, both from aftermarket companies and direct from Motorola. This model is available with case and earbuds as the Motorola T465.

Cobra microTALK CXR925 Two Way Radio

The Cobra microTALK CXR925 delivers a surprising amount of power, especially considering it's relatively small, lightweight design. This model is capable of delivering 1.5 to 2 miles of range in many environments. It also uniquely operates on a lithium battery, which gives it excellent battery life while remaining light and thin. This is a great radio from Cobra, and one of the best range consumer models on the market.

Kenwood TK-3402-U16P Two-way Radio

The Kenwood TK-3402 is technically a business radio, but it is fully programmable (by a dealer). If you are looking to get absolutely the most possible range out of a consumer radio, then we recommend the TK-3402. This high quality radio has a full 4 watt transmitter and a high end UHF antenna that delivers range and clarity far above and beyond lower cost radios. With the Kenwood TK3402, it is possible to communicate over distances as great as 2-3 miles. This radio is truly in a league of its own when compared to standard consumer radios. The TK-3402 is an expensive radio, but is preferred by those who demand the best. If you purchase this radio for typical consumer use, remember to ask us to program it to GMRS frequencies! You can call us with this request, or just type it into the "comments" field when you place an order.