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Midland GXT1000VP4 Radios With Headsets and Charger

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Quick Overview

The Midland GXT-1000-VP4 boasts maximum power with X-TRA TALK, allowing for up to 36 miles Xtreme Range in optimal conditions (typically 2 miles or less in urban conditions). The GXT1000VP4 is a full featured radio that includes everything you need! This value pack includes rechargeable batteries, a desktop charger with AC wall and DC vehicle adapters, and a pair of headsets with boom microphones.

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The Midland GXT-1000-VP4 boasts maximum power with X-TRA TALK, allowing for up to 36 miles Xtreme Range in optimal conditions (typically 2 miles or less in urban conditions). The GXT1000VP4 is a full featured radio that includes everything you need! This value pack includes rechargeable batteries, a desktop charger with AC wall and DC vehicle adapters, and a pair of headsets with boom microphones.

The Midland GXT-1000 supports a total of 50 channels - 22 standard GMRS channels and 28 extra channels. Each standard channel supports 142 privacy codes.

The GXT-1000 is also a weather radio, with 10 NOAA weather channels and Midland's Weather Scan + Alert technology. If severe weather is entering your area, the GXT-1000 can pro-actively alert you! Hands-free operation (with 9 sensitivity levels) is supported, and the hands-free feature is made simpler by the headsets included with this value pack! Other features include a vibrating alert, dual channel watch, selectable high, medium and low power modes, and channel scan. The GXT-1000 also has 10 call alerts, vibrate alert, and an SOS siren.

The GXT-1000 is JIS4 water resistant and durable. This radio is designed to be used in all types of weather! The Midland GXT1000VP4 is also certified lead free. A 3 year warranty is also provided by the manufacturer on this model.

This Midland GXT-1000-VP4 value pack includes two Midland headsets with boom microphones, a two pocket desktop charger, two rechargeable batteries, two belt clips, and both home and vehicle charging adapters!

Hear a full product review of the Midland GXT1000VP4 in Episode 1 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast!


Midland GXT1000VP4 Features

  • 50 GMRS Channels (22 Standard, 28 Extra)
  • 36 Mile Range
  • 142 Privacy Codes
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries or Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack Included
  • Desktop Charger Included
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • NOAA Weather Alerts
  • Vibrate Alert
  • eVOX Hands-Free Operation (9 Sensitivity Levels)
  • Silent Operation
  • 10 Call Tones
  • Channel Scan
  • Dual Channel Watch
  • Auto Squelch
  • Roger Beep Tone
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • X-TRA TALK Power (Hi/Med/Low Settings)
  • Battery Meter
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Battery Saver
  • Keypad Lock
  • Monitor Function
  • Audible Button Beeps
  • Drop-In Charge Capable
  • Water Resistant - Meets JIS4 Specifications
  • Mic and Headphone Jacks
  • RoHS Compliant (Lead Free)
  • Three Year Manufacturer Warranty

Included with the Midland GXT1000VP4

  • Two Midland GXT1000 Radios
  • Two Midland Headsets
  • Two Belt Clips
  • Dual Pocket Desktop Charger
  • Two NiMH Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • AC Wall Adapter
  • DC Vehicle Adapter
  • Users Manual

Additional Information

Warranty 3 Years
Quantity 2-Pack
Channels 50
Radio Type Handheld
Services GMRS
Safety Features NOAA Weather Alerts, NOAA Weather Channels
Privacy Codes Analog/Digital (CTCSS/DCS)
  1. 2150 Bye review by Parker on 6/9/2020

    Bought 2 sets (4 radios). One of the speakers stopped working but was okay on headphones. BTWR replaced with no problem so good service. Use on biking, shopping etc. to stay in touch and they work great every time. Highly recommend these.

  2. Electricity ! review by Chris on 11/30/2019

    Excellent service but I did not notice any advice about needing a electricity converter to charge sets . The plugs are not suitable in U.k. with some adaptors

  3. worked great ***** review by asst. scoutmaster Scot on 5/28/2019

    I bought 2 sets (4 radios) for out Boy Scout troop. THese radios on medium power worked great we got almost 4 miles range between our hikers and our base camp in the in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky. the weather radio worked great as well warning us in our last outing of a pending severe thunderstorm whic allowed us to prepare our shelters and camp in time for the storms arrival. the held up great in the rain and held up really good with the 4 AA batteries we used in each radio we got about 26 hrs of radio life on the aa's
    Would recommend these radios for any camping or back country hiking camping.

  4. Good product, great service review by Dr. Ferret on 2/20/2019

    The website is easy to navigate, prices and specs for products are fair and easy to find. The Midland GXT1000 series is a dependable radio. I can't wait for Midland to start selling HTs which conform to the new FCC FRS/GMRS regulations.

  5. As always very Satisfied review by Newmeadow Inc on 1/22/2019

    As always we are very satisfied with our radio purchases...They work great.

  6. Great Radios review by Hank on 12/26/2018

    I recently purchased two pair of them for the dealership. Our building is a very large metal building and I was concerned about how well they would work inside of the building. They work great inside.

  7. two way radios review by Road Pilot on 8/19/2018

    we plan on using these when we go 'cruising' in our classic cars together. They should be a lot easier and safer than trying to use cell phones while driving down the road. If the weather ever clears up, we will put them to the test.

  8. Great site, Arrived fast, Worked as described. review by JT on 5/29/2018

    Worked good for our Jeeping trip. Long (12hr) charge time and battery pack wouldn't last all day with light to moderate use. I'd recommend keeping batteries handy for when the battery pack goes dead. Otherwise, the worked great, real world range in the hilly woods is about 2 miles, if there's somewhat open country 4 miles is pretty easy.

  9. very pleased-would buy again review by fencegod on 4/28/2018

    Son likes them very much. we can keep in contact with each other.

  10. Quick Shipping review by Bob on 4/15/2018

    Use where there is no cell phone service

  11. Good product and works as advertised. review by Dr. Ferret on 3/30/2018

    Radio selected for citizen disaster response groups locally. Multiple power options is definitely a plus as is ruggedness of radio. Having otherwise competent, intelligent people program a feature-rich radio's complex menu, often leads to considerable frustration. Setting privacy tones seems overly difficult to many. Using the dual-function buttons does lead to unwanted actions like pressing "CALL" when "LOCK" is wanted or "SCAN" instead of "MON". Likewise enabling and disabling weather service channels simply baffles many people.

  12. I would buy this product again. review by Barb the Administrative Assistant on 2/26/2018

    We use our radios for teachers to have constant contact with the main office when they take our children to the playground or go into our church. We also have a set on another frequency so that our main office can track down our councilor more easily without interrupting the whole school.

  13. I would buy this product again. review by Bill on 2/16/2018

    Church security.

  14. Great radios but just did not work in my application. review by dan on 9/21/2017

    I would recommend them to anyone wanting to have a great all around radio.

  15. a Good purchase review by Les Maher on 8/24/2017

    for communication between motorcycles

  16. Great two way Midland radios review by Michael on 7/19/2017

    We recently took a camping trip to upstate New York from Minnesota. We rented two SUV'S (9 people). We travelled to and from the U.S. to Canada and we were able to communicate between cars without any problem. At times we would get out of range, but this communication was vital, because only my daughter had a cell phone with international privileges, the rest of our cell phones would only work when we were in U.S. borders. I am very pleased with my Midland two-way radio's. Thanks for making our vacation a success.

  17. Great Radios review by Lito on 4/18/2017

    I bought them for a ski trip to Colorado, They work great

  18. Best budget radios for mountainous terrain review by Swift on 4/18/2017

    We tested several brands of FRS/GMRS radios and the performance of the Midland units was well above the other brands in the same price category. We were testing in a mountainous community in western NC for use during wildfire emergencies and these did almost as well as the high-end units costs 10 times as much.

  19. BEST RADIO TO OWN FOR ANY EMERGENCY review by C M on 4/12/2017


  20. I will buy again and again from Buy Two Way Radios review by David on 10/4/2016

    Have always had great service. did have one shipping issue but this was resolved very professionally and quickly

  21. Very Good review by Joe & Susy on 9/22/2016

    Just Locally so far.

  22. Good value and quality product review by Robert on 7/25/2016

    Commonality of use by others within range can cause static and be very annoying. Reducing volume helps mitigate the static; turning the unit off and on also helpful.

  23. Good service, great product knowledge and answered my questi review by - on 6/6/2016

    Nice product. Shipped quickly.

  24. Awesome Radios review by Prof C on 4/3/2016

    We take a cruise every year. This year we needed to replace our 10 year old radios. After researching and seeing the review of these on the website, I took a chance and ordered four (two sets). These radios performed above our imagination. No matter where we were on the ship, we could hear each other. The vibrate was perfect. No bell or ringers going off to disturb anyone during a show. The whisper mode made it possible to whisper into the radio and the other person could hear plainly on the other radio. The radios we purchased had group mode, which was indispensable to us, as we did not need to hear everyone's conversation, only those we needed to talk with. We lost one during the trip, so I have now written addresses inside the battery door on the others. In total, I have now bought 4 sets of these radios. I feel they are the best made for the price and what they do. We didn't use the headsets as we didn't want to stand out walking around the ship with them on. I could see using the headsets while fishing or camping or walking trails.

  25. Decent Radio review by DE on 10/20/2015

    Good radio for intended use. Easy to operate and functions well

  26. Falsely advertised as being good for motorcycles review by Rich on 8/17/2015

    The range was pretty good. The battery indicator is not accurate. One minute it said I had a full battery the next it said the battery was low. There should be a indicator light on the charging unit when the batteries are charged The head set oush to talk and the Vox feture did not work good on the motorcycle as falsely advertised in the add

  27. Nice radio but with limitations review by Serenado on 8/17/2015

    Used by a housekeeping team of up to 12 to communicate between multiple buildings in close proximity. Power often insufficient for clear communication on Channels 8 - 14 (the channels not requiring FCC licensing), especially when one or more radios are within a steel-framed building. Disappointed that the

  28. would reccomend review by Kujo on 4/27/2015

    Me and my wife did a cruise to they Caribbean and they worked perfectly.

  29. Performance not as advertised review by DirtDawg99 on 4/27/2015

    Units are easy to use and have good reception. Quality is suspect. Several units ceased to function within a month of receipt. Batteries are not durable.

  30. Midland GXT-1000 is my go to two way! review by course control on 2/7/2015

    Easy to use. Glad I picked the GTX-1000

  31. Better options for businesses review by Greg the Shepherd on 1/5/2015

    I wish you would allow businesses that have many radios the option of buying radios only without all the extras. We try to keep 12 radios at a time, and when they need replaced, I do not need more headphones, chargers, etc., I have boxes of those extra things. All I need is a radio and the battery pack. It would be great if Midland would consider this. It just seems like such a waste. Thank you.

  32. This radios do a Great job review by ken on 11/24/2014

    We all 28 Crossing guards us these radios to help keep tabbies on children and were they are . We talk to the next crossing guard to let them know how many children are coming to them and who they are. This help us keep trace of the children and make sure that the children get to each Crossing Guard and School safely.

  33. Not durable or reliable review by Pat on 11/24/2014

    We have 4 employees. We went through 24 of these in 2014.

  34. disappointed review by leolew on 9/10/2014

    Bought these to use while my husband and I are riding our motorcycles. We wanted them for the hands free option so we could communicate while we were riding. Once we got on the road, actually, before we even left the driveway, they picked up the noise from the pipes but that was it. So, one of our mics would be transmitting constantly while we were riding down the road, but still wouldn't pick up when they spoke. And when we tried them in the house ahead of time, they would intermittently pick up our talking but not without having to shout. This happened regardless of the sensitivity setting. We even tried using them while riding by pressing the button on the "hands free" cord but this did not work either. Totally disappointed with this purchase.

  35. none review by don on 9/4/2014

    Golf cart and auto travel

  36. wouldn't have been the same without it review by moved on 9/4/2014

    Moved cross country with all of our belongings in a u haul pulling a trailer with one of our vehicles on a trailer. My wife followed in our other car. Three days on the road and we never missed a beat. Able to discuss routes and rest time without stopping on the side of the road. Easy communication made the trip very manageable. Glad we chose this product

  37. Read the fine print regarding waterproof review by John on 6/9/2014

    The radios are advertised as waterproof. Site advertising, and even Midland's packaging claims radios are waterproof. I bought four GXT 1000 radios specifically to be used when fishing, expecting them to occasionally be dropped in the water. It was when one was accidentally dropped in and stopped working that I found out what they mean by waterproof, which is really not waterproof at all. I contacted Midland's warranty department and found out "waterproof" means resistant to a fine rain, that's it - your cellphone is light rain resistant. Other than the waterproof claim, the radios did work well, were easy to use and were very clear. Waterproofing aside, I'd say they are solid radios.

  38. Excellent. Soccer referee review by Steve: Soccer Referee on 5/13/2014

    This is the best set of radio I have ever used for referee soccer!

  39. This product really did the trick. review by Office Manager on 5/12/2014

    Our arrival and departure teams use these to communicate with one another while directing accessible vans around our parking lots. They have been the best ones I have purchased yet.

  40. Excellent 2-way's for Work or Pleasure review by James on 12/23/2013

    I purchased this radio set for work use to replace an older set that wasn't cutting it. Very happy with these radios, the sound quality is excellent and the range is adequate for my use. I use the radio to stay in contact with employees inside my work building when I am outside walking the perimeter or relaying orders. 2 Cons: Certain accessories do not trigger the radio into TX mode and can be frustrating to operate. And the stock earpiece/mic that comes in the set can be discomforting when wearing for extended periods. Other than that excellent radios for the price.

  41. midland gxt1000vp4 review by hilltopjr on 10/22/2013

    while unloading tree stands in the mountains,my radio fell out of my pocket unto the road.i picked it up and i said oh no;i wiped it off from the dirt and turned it on and GREAT it still worked.

  42. To date better than the alternative review by Chief on 9/12/2013

    So far they are working much better than the Motorola we replaced. We live in central VA foothills and bought radios so wife could reach me or I could reach help if needed, when I walked the dog or was out hunting our acreage. Have not found any dead spots yet. Had plenty with the other brand.

  43. Great stuff, great price, great service; review by Pastor Steve on 8/4/2013

    Shipping was very quick

  44. Midland GXT1000VP4 COmbo review by Yellow_glide on 7/8/2013

    I purchased five of the Midland GXT1000VP4 radio combo packages for use on our security teams at kid events. The first usage was at a kids campout. The units were a little heavy compared to other lower end units the other teams provided but not by much. The radios were used over a three day weekend for 8 security teams on a 60 acre park and worked flawlessly. One of the best features is the GXTs being water resistant / waterproof: one of the units took a serious dousing in a water gun escapade and never gave a seconds trouble. I did a lot of reading on the Midland GXT1000 units and purchased for several of the features such as Direct Call, additional privacy codes and locking keypad to name a few which are key when multiple people are sharing radios. I did some comparison shopping and Buytwowayradios.com definitely had the best pricing and when combined with the free ground shipping made it a great deal. Very pleased with the radios and especially the battery life. Units worked very well, clear reception and transmission. Many of the other teams were so impressed with the quality, performance and value of the combo pack's pricing, they will be ordering the same units. This was our first event using the new radios so I don't have any negative comments. I upgrade to three day shipping when I ordered the units ordered the units on a Saturday. They arrived on time, were packaged well and arrived in pristine condition. I've recommended your site to all our Security teams and I'll be a return customer. Thanks for everything.

  45. great set of radios review by da griff on 6/24/2013

    Great over all

  46. Replacement for G-11 review by Bilko on 4/11/2013

    Included were 2 ant's for the old G-11 that still works and a Tee shirt for the wife. That was a surprise, Thanks Danny I put the units on the charger for the night as the owners manual states is the first charge is for 24hrs. I replaced the Ant. on the G-11 with the one Danny included with the Midland GXT1000's that came yesterday. The reception between the house and the steel workshop is alot better between the G-11 and the EL-cheapo bigshot store unit I was trying to use. Step one, the changing of the ant. is making things better already. I will test the reception between the house and the workshop with the GXT1000's tonight. If the Midland GTX1000's work better than an old G-11 and a 19$ audiovox unit, I'LL BE ONE HAPPY CAMPER.!! I tested the Midland GXT 1000's last night from the steal workshop and the house, a distance of aprx. 75 yards and direct line of sight. There was noplace in the workshop that I didnot have reception. Other than using the push to talk button, it was like using a phone, THESE RADIOS ARE GOING TO WORK OUT GREAT! Thank you again Danny, and the staff here at BUYTWOWAYRADIOS

  47. A good radio set and accessories review by kiteman on 1/8/2013

    Ilike these radios. I like the ability to use 1.5v. batteries in a pinch. I like the vox controlled headset. It takes practice to not clip the first spoken word. Easily mastered. I will use the headset without the earclip. I hang the earbud in my ear and bandaid the mouthpiece to my cheek for trouble free headset use. My wife can use the headset as it was shipped. On both headsets I used zip ties to create a small loop of the cord that can slip when pulled, thus providing strain relief for the headsets.

  48. Can You Hear Me Now? review by Sharon on 1/8/2013

    I ordered these Walkie Talkies so my husband and I can communicate to each other when we are in different areas of the house and/or when he is outside working in the garden and needs to reach me inside the house. Also, when my husband is downstairs and I'm upstairs, we can talk without "yelling" at each other. This is the best idea for our family and I'm so glad I found this model. Being waterproof is a plus.

  49. Great quality - great price review by FBC Admin on 1/8/2013

    We purchased two sets (4 units) for use in our church. We have used them several times so far and find them to be of good quality, especially for the price.

  50. Excellent radios, Great Value review by walreu69 on 11/30/2012

    We bought these radios primarily for baby monitors and I couldn't be happier with my investment. The vox feature works great, and even better with the included headset. I have tried literally all baby monitors and they barely work around the house. We needed something that goes around our farmyard and they work perfectly!!! Units are easy to use and program, and settings are saved, even if you remove the batteries - a huge bonus. My wife just needs to turn unit on and its ready to go, and battery life is very reasonable. Range is very good and reception is crystal clear. Great value for the money. I am writing this review for others, because I could not find any reviewers that use these radios for baby monitors.

  51. Awsome Indeed! review by EyeSpy on 11/7/2012

    I initially purchased four radios to assist in maintaining personal contact with my team members. I'm head of Security Operations at my Church and found these radios meets my needs and desires to stay in contact. I've since purchased ten more and upon their arrival, I discovered one didn't operate at all. I contacted the seller and they agreed to replace it without delay. While using the radio, I also discovered if one of my team members uses the emergency SOS button, it's only useful to the operator and no one else would know an emergency is in progress unless they are close enough to hear the audible tone. I would like to see SOS transmitted to other radios so that we all would receive the alert with the radio ID number flashing. Other than that, this is a great product and I look forward to buying more as my responsibilities and personnel grow.

  52. Great radio, terrible battery quality review by Shawn on 11/1/2012

    I purchased 10 of these radios for my shop staff. We are a small assmebly shop, so extensive range was not needed. I just needed reliable rugged radios and these have fit that bill. My only real complaint is the batteries. Out of the 10 radios, we have already replaced 5 of the batteries. I'm not sure if this was caused by the radios sitting on the shelf for an extended period of time before we purchased them, or just poor battery quality on the behalf of Midland. A superficial complaint is in reference to the call button. The call button needs to be either placed somewhere else on the radio or simply disabled when the radio is locked. Being that it is so easy to accidently hit the call button when the radio is attached to your belt, it has really become annoying. The call ringer goes off several times an hour.

  53. twoway radio review by runner on 10/30/2012

    have being really good for we use it for.

  54. Second set, and I'll buy a third. review by Hunterman John on 10/14/2012

    I ordered the radios on a Monday, and got them on a Wednesday. They work great. Only minor problem, in instrutions, it says to wait till battery indicater on radio starts losing bars before you recharge the radio. But on third morning, left house with three bars on battery, and within 45 minutes battery was dead.

  55. Performance of product review by marilyn furtick on 9/24/2012

    this last shipment does not perform aa well as previous shipments of the same model. Already have 2 of the 6 that are not working at all.

  56. first 6 radios good. last 6 didn't last review by joe on 9/24/2012

    use as campground radios. the first six i bought were great. i bought two more abouut three months ago. they were very bad. the talk switches only worked part time.

  57. i would buy this set again review by motorcycle dude on 8/2/2012

    i use them on a motorcycle they work good but the hands free are ok except the wind causes the mouth peice to activate. would not recomend them for motorcycles other than that they are great.

  58. very good small business tool review by leo42 on 6/10/2012

    in our business we have tried 3 other radios all with problems we tried to live with. the gxt1000 is the best by far, my advice would be start with gtx1000 and save money and headachs.

  59. These Radios Are Great! review by Big John on 6/6/2012

    First off, these Midlands come as a complete kit, which is great. You get a charger, belt clips, headsets, all of that included. We live in a rural area, and my girls love to go hiking in the woods. This way, I can keep tabs on them. These are great at malls when everybody splits up, great at the beach and boardwalk, great at the lake when we're out on jetskis. The uses for these are only limited by your imagination.

  60. Best proce on the web review by Starter on 6/5/2012

    I am using this to run race track safty. Very clear radios. Very easy to use. After looking online for over a week I found "Buy Twooway radios" with having the best price I could find anywhere online or off. Thge online chat offered on the weeb site is easy to use and was very helpful in sevral ways including giving me a prmo code for just asking. Cant go wron g here.

  61. Too much static review by ciathom on 6/5/2012

    Used by a professional real estate inspector. There were too much static on headset. We have not tried all of the channels, but the ones used still had a lot of static. The written instructions were not very clear.

  62. just what I wanted review by clodbuster on 5/1/2012

    haven't had a chance yo use them too much, but they seem to have decent range

  63. Midland radios w/ headsets review by Terry on 4/30/2012

    Wanted to use when on motorcycle--mic wire not long enough- wont come close enough to mouth to talk so other person can hear anything. Not hands free-have to hold mic wire against face otherwise it picks up only bits/pieces. Return policy is 20% restock & no refund on shipping either way, plus you must have ALL packing. Totally worthless product and a complete waste of money.

  64. Very good for it's class review by drunktank on 4/29/2012

    I use these radios for work (Harbor Department). The 36 mile range in "optimal conditions" is a scam obviously, but the 2 mile range in urban environments is possible. I receive signal at 1.5 miles rooftop to rooftop without a hitch. We have an assortment of Motorolas in our shop and these work better (clearer sound and better features). For the under $150/set range of radios, this is the one we recommend and use.

  65. Works in NLOS conditions review by Wolfpack on 4/7/2012

    Three day back packing adventure along the Arizona Trail and Rincon Mountains. Used 2-Way radio in extremely rugged terrain to maintain team communication, monitor team health, water supplies, and rate of movement between checkpoints. Range out to 3/4 mile was excellent!

  66. Midland Two-Way Radio review by Mike H. on 2/10/2012

    I use the radios on my job when working with a second technician and we need to communicate over short distances. I have had no problems with the radios. The sound quality is excellent and with the head set we can still talk in noisy areas. For the money, a very nice set of radios.

  67. Very nice,we enjoy them very much thanks review by Mike on 1/31/2012

    We use them spotting on the trial . And also to talk between side by sides

  68. do not take my word for it try it review by beach boy on 1/28/2012

    thanks midland

  69. Great radios ! review by NASA DAD on 1/25/2012

    My wife takes this radio with her on walks with our dog . It gives her instant communication with me at home, as opposed to trying to fumble with her wireless phone. The radios have no problem transmitting in our urban area 1-2 miles with small hills between us. These radios have made her feel more secure and is impressed with their ease of use,clarity,size and excellent price.Perfect!

  70. they work review by ljhughes8 on 1/24/2012

    the work that what important.

  71. GTX1000VP4 perfect ! review by skidad on 1/17/2012

    ski trip from base to peak with 2500' verticals-no problems !

  72. Very satisfied with results. review by elkinos on 12/21/2011

    Over all,I am very satisfied with the units and the people that sold me the equipment were just great and so helpful. I have short range but I guess it is because of the peaks and valleys or the area. It's easy to use,well made and people asks me about it.I am in the northern part of South America,using it.Live in California.

  73. I would buy this product again review by Jim on 12/12/2011

    Representatives were very professional and delivery was very fast. This is very important to me.

  74. Great Product review by Del Sur Surveying on 12/10/2011

    We use these radios for work in my land survey firm. They are a great radio for the money. I was able to purchase this set for less money then and batteries for my "professional" radios and they work just as well, if not better.

  75. Excellent value review by Bill on 12/9/2011

    The stated 36 mile range might be possible in outer space. However, in my fairly dense residential neighbourhood with lots of tall trees and three story houses, one third of a mile is about the maximum range. This comes as no surprise as this is what I expected and is satisfactory for communicating with family members in the neighbourhood. Having had a lot of experience with ham equipment in the VHF/UHF bands I know that range can be limited, even with mobile radios having ten times the power and high gain antennas. That's why ham and commercial systems use repeaters with antennas mounted on buildings and towers as high as reasonably possible. Having said that, the radios work well, the controls were not hard to figure out. I especially like the weather radio function.

  76. Great FRS buy! review by Buffalo Mike on 12/5/2011

    Great delivery time.....radios are super!

  77. Great buy review by Red Apple on 12/4/2011

    we work in a school/adt program and these are great for communicating between staff. There are times that some other radios in the area will override and we will have to change channels, but for the money...it is a great buy...we have never had trouble with the radios...they don't last forever, we have had to replace some...but we will continue to buy

  78. GOOD ALL AROUND RADIO review by BEAR on 12/2/2011


  79. DO NOT EVEN REACH ONE MILE!!! AWFUL! review by SECURITY on 10/28/2011


  80. works great review by osteo on 9/29/2011

    We used it Mtn Biking in Vermont, gave us the opportunity to ride different trails and still be in contact. Had some spotty reception at times, but lots of hills and trees so to be expected. I'd guess max range in the bush was probably 2 miles... tough to say. Did have a long range transmission though, I was on the crest of one mountain and the wife was near the peak of another, separated by a valley, crystal clear reception.

  81. Great radios for short range work review by Indy_Tim on 9/29/2011

    Great radios, but not much range. In a small town setting, I'm getting only 1.5 to 3 miles usable range. Excellent sound quality and they are very easy to use.

  82. Perfect for us review by Sharon in Service on 9/29/2011

    We operate a small full service marina. We have several technicians and yard workers that the service dept needs to maintain contact with throughout the day. These radios are great. Makes our lives so much easier.

  83. Very Happy with purchase review by Tori on 9/9/2011

    I own a business that uses 2 way radios everyday 13 hrs a day. I had previously purchased elsewhere 4 other sets at seperate times that did not last anytime. These has been very reliable and have great battery hold. I also got the headsets which are great. I am ordering another set [...]. I am a very satisfied customer after spending 100s elsewhere on ones that didn't last.

  84. Best Personal Radios I've Ever Used review by White Gravy on 9/5/2011

    I was pleasantly surprised at the range of these radios...2 1/2 miles in an urban/suburban setting...better reception on this radio than the police radio system I use everyday at work!

  85. A Family Vacation "Must Have" review by Family Vacation Cruisers on 9/1/2011

    Great for Family Vacations to keep in touch with everyone!

  86. We Love Them review by Patty on 8/21/2011

    I use the units between my Mother's bedroom, who is 93 years old and my bedroom which is across the house, or any other part of the house so that if she needs me during the day or night she can reach me quickly. They work wonderful Mother has no trouble using them at all.

  87. Perfect fit to our theater comm needs review by Sulliemac on 8/15/2011

    These radios worked perfectly for those who needed to be "wireless" during performances.

  88. The best of the best! review by Rassie on 7/10/2011

    The best two way radio by far. This is my second set of Midland radios and am more than 100% satisfied with it. Get a clear reception in town of 5 Kilo's plus and in the rural areas 10 kilo's plus! Used mainly for hunting purposes. Basic communication is easy to use but if you intent using all the functions of the radio make sure you keep your manual with you. Something that can be added to the set or as an accessory is a cord or strap which attaches to the radio and then put around your neck to prevent the radio from falling out of your pocket. Another 2 sets is on order now!

  89. So far so good review by Farm wife on 7/2/2011

    For communicating between the truck, the combine and the tractor these radios have worked fine. Hand them out in the morning and gather them up at night to charge. I wish the car charger would plug directly into the radio.

  90. Nice Radios review by Boo on 6/23/2011

    A good all around radio. Had much better reception and range than most 2-way radios that I have used in the past.

  91. Good buy for the complete set! review by Mike Perkins, Director of Park & Rec on 6/21/2011

    Good buy for the complete set! Multiple Uses for staff communication and for Special Events. Also a source of revenue to rent out to groups to use.

  92. best consumer grade radios for the money review by Peterman on 6/12/2011

    I have played with several consumer grade FRS/GMRS radios before, and I have found that for the money these are probably the best on the market currently. For [$] for 2 (including all needed accessories) you are getting the best radios. The next step up is going to be either the Midland GXT5000 or you are going to have to go business grade (UHF licensing, $200+ per radios, etc.) These are the top end consumer-grade radios, and I would recommend them to anybody looking for good and inexpensive radios.

  93. GTX1000VP4 review by HP on 6/7/2011

    Excellent product

  94. Its excellent product, No1 review by Dejan on 6/3/2011

    I use them for my boat and its excellent product, i use them in Macedonia Europe, i heard about this brand and for me its No1. Thank you

  95. Great radios for industrial use. review by Tom on 4/17/2011

    We need clear communication within the power plant. These radios provide everything we need. The input from sales rep was accurate.

  96. i liked the product. review by mike on 4/15/2011

    everything was fine.

  97. On the beach in Cancun review by Tommy on 4/15/2011

    We use our radios while shopping, vacationing and even arond the house. In resorts I can talk to my wife in the room while I walk on the beach. The radios are also helpful in large department stores and malls. She likes the emergency feature too. While travelling in the states the weather channel access is very helpful.

  98. Good Quality ! review by MDIR1518 on 3/24/2011

    We use these Radios to communicate within our Housekeeping department as well as Maintenance and when service vendors are working in our building. The radios have a nice rugged casing and have a great sound.

  99. Don't lose your ski buddies in the trees review by Nigel the Aussie on 3/19/2011

    Don't even live in the US, but bought these for use when skiing there. Wouldn't go without them now. There're (just) small enough to fit in a top pocket and forget about until you need to contact your buddy, and then they're far easier (and cheaper) to use than a cellphone.

  100. Love these things for playing Airsoft. review by Rain, St Lucie[@] on 3/19/2011

    Great range, even in heavy dense forest. We use these radios playing Airsoft and the features packed into this model are very useful. Can't find a better radio for a better price. This is the third time I've come here and purchased. [...] great products, excellent prices.

  101. Don't waste your $$$$$$ review by Nick the guy on 2/21/2011

    Don't waste your money on this

  102. Good and will use in fireworks show review by George on 2/20/2011

    Great product Will be use with ear bubs under noise cancelation headsets

  103. Excellent Value and Performance review by Cruising Bruce on 1/29/2011

    This was my 8th cruise in 10 years. On every one, I've taken along walkie-talkies to communicate with my wife and friends aboard ship. They are indeed useful devices to help locate people and work out meeting places and schedules. The major impediment is that you can't expect 100% communications availability on these large ships with so much metal that absorbs or blocks the signal. Another past problem is that by days end, the battery can drain, even when mostly in receive mode. Recognizing these issues, and knowing we would be taking a cruise on the world's largest cruise ship Allure of the Seas, I wanted to try to find a "better" walkie talkie. I was even thinking of getting something commercial. Looking at reviews on the internet, I found that the Midland GXT1000 received pretty favorable reviews especially given it's low price. I called customer service to inquire about a commercial alternative, such as an ICOM or Kenwood, but that would require a $500 additional investment--hard to justify. So based on a simple cost-benefit analysis, I ordered overnight the Midland. The product arrived in perfect condition the next day as promised. Being a ham operator with a UHF ICOM receiver I was able to do a simple signal strength test with the Midland compared to my older Motorola units. The Midland did show a few more db output on the signal strength meter. On board ship, with 8 people in our group, we set all of our talkies for Channel 21 (everyone else had Motorolas), Privacy Code 21. This higher channel--which offers a full output power--is away from the most popular lower channels. The choice of 21/21 proved better than expected since our group had our own private channel despite 5500 passengers on board. We rarely had the squelch broken by others with this Channel and Privacy Code. After several days at sea, I began to notice that performance/connectivity of all our units was surprisingly good despite the large size of the ship. I attribute this non-intuitive finding to the fact that the Allure has a big cavern in its center--above Deck 5--for Central Park and the Boardwalk (very unique feature for a ship.) The signal seemed to travel better than on other smaller ships that had more blocks of metal in the center. The most noticeable improvement of the Midland GTX1000 is that the battery charge held up to a full 3-bars even at the end of the day with heavy use. The Midland battery is definitely more substantial than other smaller/lighter talkies. The only downside of the Midland is that the push-to-talk button is a bit tough at first to hold down. But after a while, it gets manageable. VOX would be a possible solution, but with all the noise of on a cruise ship it would be impractical. In actual usage and as you would expect, we found that the units performed best outside. We all had balcony rooms and had connectivity from the 9th deck Port side to the 7th deck Starboard outside on the veranda. When we went inside the cabins, the performance definitely dropped. On the other hand, inside the ship we pretty well had reliable connectivity at a distance of about halfway of the length of the ship. But when we were outside at the bow (The Solarium), we could easily communicate with someone outside at the aft end (Windjammer restaurant). So if you go on a cruise, don't expect perfection from any brand or type of walkie-talkie. They are going to be limited by the propagation impediments that make up the ship structure But the bottom line is that you can't beat the usability vs the price for this Midland product. It's the best recreational hand-held I've ever owned. I would never take a cruise without one.

  104. Midland GXT-1000-VP4 unreliable review by Roger on 1/13/2011

    It worked great for a few days, then one unit wouldn't work anymore. I exchanged batteries, recharged, etc. but dead as a doornail. I have noticed from other forums that others have had the same problem - they're great if you get a good pair but their quality control sucks.

  105. A Great Buy review by 1Army on 1/12/2011

    The product is used in hilly terrain to keep in contact with different groups, we have used these radios in driving rain with no loss of signal, pros - we have used it at 10km (on hi power mode) through a ridgeline with no loss of signal, these radios do not work very well from inside a vehicle, on foot they are ideal.

  106. The best 2 way radio for the money. review by kingpin on 12/9/2010

    Easy to set up, very clear signal @ fairly long distance. Push to talk button requires excess effort, but well worth it!!

  107. ok to buy review by Paul the Pilot on 12/2/2010

    driving in a pack is ok for range but obstructions reduce this to merely 2-3 miles on high power. For my use its good but any other with obstructons I would look elsewhere.

  108. [...] review by Family punishment on 12/1/2010

    Look and work perfectly.

  109. poor reliability review by dino on 11/18/2010

    used for communications rather than cell phones

  110. Great work radios review by Land Surveyor on 11/17/2010

    Our company bought 2 sets of these radios for use by our land survey crews. The cost of set was slightly more than the cost of replacing one single battery on our "professional" radios. We have now used these radios on the job, in hilly and highly vegetated areas with total sucess. Their range is great, the capability to change channels to avoid other traffic is wonderful and we didn't have to apply for FCC licensing! We are very happy with the product and would purchase again when needed.

  111. I am very happy with my purchase. review by DK on 11/16/2010

    I had originally bought the radios for airsofting(it a lot like paintball for those that don't know). When I finally got them I took them out and charged them. It did not take that much time to do this. I tested them in a few different environments. They work almost a mile through a suburban neighborhood, close to three miles on a hill looking down with direct line of sight, and it picked up the ranger station at the base of Mt. Lemon, when we were about halfway up in a canyon. The only bad thing is that some of the channels that the radio can go to are restricted depending on where you live. All in all these are great radios and I would buy them again.

  112. Perfect match for our warehouse operatio review by Brian - Warehouse Manager on 11/14/2010

    We purchased four of these for our warehouse operations. They have worked trouble free for us and have eliminated the need to go looking for employees just to ask a question or pass along work requests! Great product and we would recommend to any small businesses needing to improve their communications!

  113. An Overall Good Value review by LT4Man on 11/9/2010

    Using this to stay in contact on road trips with other cars in the pack

  114. Actually pretty inpressed with these. review by AMF on 11/7/2010

    We use four of these around our property which encompasses about 8 acres. Our property includes a couple of facilities and open flat grounds. These replaced some Uniden radios that were pretty old, as well as a replacement set that were just plain terrible for reception and battery life. These GXT's work pretty darn well. These was no way these will work at the distance advertised but have much better transmission and receiving capabilities than the other radios we have been using. They can transmit though the walls (from one side to the other) of a 40K sq ft facility without all the static we dealt with with the Unidens. They are bulkier as well which makes them harder to fit in a cell phone pocket. Battery life is good enough to last over a full day of normal use and the available channels is more than adequate. These are well worth the extra money spent.

  115. Works pretty well review by First time with radios on 11/7/2010

    I purhased the radios primarily to keep in contact with other vehicles when travelling together. The radios work well as long as the distance is not too far apart. Once we are about 1/2-3/4 mile apart, depending on terrain, we loose signal. I was hoping for better distance than that. Reception in mountainous terrain is even less when around hills and such.

  116. Amazing Range! Great Battery Life! review by The Rocket on 11/5/2010

    I was skeptical about the stated range of these radios, but truly impressed after buying them. No problem whatsoever getting a clear signal at over 20 kilometers in town... and even greater on the highway. I live in the Rocky mountains and have used the radios many times at ranges no other radio can match... these are the best radios available! Battery life is tremendous with standby time over 8 hours.

  117. Product [...] review by None on 11/5/2010

    The range claim is way over the top (this was known at time of purchase from websearch)but sufficient for our purpose in city environment (a few kilometers)

  118. I would buy this product again and agai review by Danigo on 11/4/2010

    The radios are great Good for all around, I used them for recreational and the reception if more then average comparing some of my buddies The only thing they have a lot of different feature get confusing until you get the hang of it Good product Thanks.

  119. Just buy it already! review by ricky Miata on 11/4/2010

    We use the product for our sports car runs. Very good range and clarity even with the tops down and doing a little "spirited" driving. We found out that the radio has uses for tracking a spouse during shopping season. And for our recreational cycling, walks, and even at home, to the shop.

  120. Great Radios review by krush on 11/4/2010

    Best radios available on the market to date. Others in our group have tried other brands but all of them have switched back to these.

  121. High quality at a fair price review by Botcha-Caloops on 11/4/2010

    We use these daily to keep in touch around our property and our home-based business. They also work great in big box stores where cell phones don't.

  122. Great Radios review by robertjoy on 11/4/2010

    Great radios not quite the range I was hoping for but okay for the price, good value.

  123. Awesome radios, worth every penny. review by Mo on 11/4/2010

    These radios worked great for our road trip this past summer. We took 2 vehicles on a 1200 mile trip and it was great being able to keep in touch with each vehicle. The range was about 2-4 miles on the highway but that worked out fine for us because we were following one another. Great set of radios for the money, you can't go wrong.

  124. Does all what it should do and more... review by Motorcycleman on 11/4/2010

    We use this with our motorcycle to talk with each other on trips. The weather band on here is the best. Where ever you go you can use this for up too date weather information. We use this with our boat on the lake as well.

  125. SO SO system review by The Crown on 11/4/2010

    Although the Midland GXT is a good outdoor radio, they sometimes have trouble connecting to each other. We use 8 of them in our business and some of the guys do not here loading directions from the office and our customers have longer wait times. We use to use the Motorola direct connect radios but tried these to replace them since we only needed them to work on our 2 acre lot. We do not have a lot of obstructions but these still have trouble connecting. Some times they will not turn on after being on charge overnight, and u have to take the battery out to reset them to get them to work.

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