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Buyer's Guide - Business Radios

Business radios use frequencies specifically set aside by the FCC for businesses. They are typically more durable and provide longer battery life, clearer transmissions, and less interference than consumer radios.

Where will you be using the radios?

I will only be using the radios indoors.

UHF or 900Mhz radios are best for indoor use, as their signals better penetrate steel and concrete.

I will only be using the radios outdoors.

VHF radios are best for exclusive outdoor use, as their signals travel farther when there are no obstructions.

I will be using the radios indoors and outdoors.

UHF or 900Mhz radios are best all around. They work well indoors and are adequate outdoors.

What do others in my industry buy?

Need a radio for a common industry, such as construction, dental, restaurant, or a school?